TJH 563: Clusterfuck


“God dammit Google, you know me all too well.”

Been busy so this is going to be quick. First, read this:

“When ideas fail, words come in very handy.”

— Goethe

Now read the notes…

Happy four year anniversary to us. Yea, whatever who cares.

I have a new dream, and it is to fly. Oh yes, I will fly. Have you ever seen a Canard? I also made a short video about flying the Canard here on the Jamhole YouTube page.

Target knows your cycle, and when you are pregnant. Well, at least they knew before her parents did. How was that for a fun conversation? Check your mail.

Berger sent in a great piece on how to get pregnant without him knowing. Very helpful information indeed. Apparently they do not feel that it is very helpful because the link seems to have been removed.

Brayden (No Relation) takes us on an LSD trip to the Westminster Dog Show. Also very helpful information.

How to have a heart attack in three easy steps. I honestly don’t know what else to say about it. Over 350 pounds eats free.

Check out the Jamhole Miso account to see what we’re watching. This week let’s talk about Full Metal Jousting.

Shaun gives us a quick check in from the lab in Spokane. We always cherish the minutes we get to speak with this intellectual genius.

It’s the weirdest thing to watch a dude make out with a car. Have you seen the new My Strange Addiction? Let’s breakdown some of the latest season.

Email and we’ll catch you next episode.

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