TJH 576: False Positives


“Makes me want to fucking stab children, I don’t think you understand dude.”

What’s going on? Here’s a Friday episode that’s probably a bit old by now. But that’s ok, because here’s some show notes.

Job search 2012. Oh right, she has a job. I keep forgetting.

Let’s take a walk through the day in the life of Danni, or the artist formerly known as… Sounds glamorous. This is pretty much going to take up a good portion of the show. But hey, Danni needed it.

You are fucking losing it dude. That’s what happens when you catch the cancer.

I might have broken Brayden. Even though Danni had sex with him, I’m not mad at all. It would be cool if he came back and hosted the show again, but it’s all good. It probably would have been Shaun, but he’s not living here.

My life is getting pretty close to being completely drama free. It’s actually pretty sweet.

Do you smell that? It smells like death.

Danni professes her undying love. This is seriously never going to work. Do you hear that? I just need new packaging. That explains a lot.

This gets really fun really quick. Have you ever had true love?

Can you judge someone’s sexual orientation by looking at their gay face? Do you have gaydar? This study seems to think gaydar is for reals.

How much drugs can you fit up your ass? Five ounces, over and over and over again.

Encrypt your shit. You never know when you might send a message to a cop accidentally. Not very smart women, who were trying to buy alcohol. Alcohol?

You know shit’s all fucked when the strippers are complaining about their wages. Give them some hoe rights. That’s all they want.

Where did all these roasted human fetuses come from? More importantly, why are they in your luggage? This makes you a fetus smuggler.

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