TJH 581: Rose Petals


“I can smell your sex over here.”

Hello and welcome to another off white humor filled episode of your favorite, mostly weekly comedy podcast, The Jamhole! You know who I am and you know who she is, so I’ll skip with the pleasantries and get right into it. In this episode we talk about some current events that some of you might not find so amusing. Granted, we are fully aware of the seriousness of what happened, but for real, the new Batman movie did kind of suck. I’ll direct you to my Google+ post about it here. That being said, on with the show notes… Please direct any hate mail to

We do this show when we want, so if you want to catch a live show, follow us on all three major social networks. We post on the Jamhole Google+ page, the Facebook page, and my Twitter account.

Come join us at the gates of Hell, so we can read the bible to all the cool people. I get a sick feeling in my stomach every time I see public displays of religious ignorance. People believe in some seriously stupid shit, and these people are no different. Once again, you do realize you’re protesting a doctor right? Go do some real good in the world, like kill yourself.

Have you met my new co host, Niki Minaj? Thanks to the #HardHeadz and Ant Pruitt from YATS.

It’s one thing to leave animals in the hot stuffy car, but leaving your children? I mean really? I’m amazed some of you have figured out how to actually get someone else pregnant. Yes, I believe you are THAT stupid. God bless Texas, and no where else.

Good Morning Shooters, Happy Friday! Speaking of, there was a pretty nasty shooting at this movie theater in Aurora Colorado. We’re going to make fun of it, so if it’s too soon, or you are a sensitive salley, you might want to go listen to something else. Here is my Google+ post of the video on YouTube I was talking about from the shooting.

 Here’s a quick snuggle update. I really hope this goes somewhere. Everyone needs a snuggle buddy. What do you exude?

I’ve never really known how old my mom is. It’s her birthday today, so let’s call her up and figure it out. This literally blew my mind on air. Either way, happy birthday mom, we love you.

Do you have any type of grasp on the reality of having children? Mainly the expenses associated with it. Having a baby is quite expensive. It’s a poor investment if you ask me. You won’t get near the amount out of it as you put in. Just the tip right?

Bunny completely blows up female’s spots. Not G spots, but pee spots. So that’s what women talk about in the bathroom. Just in there groping the shit out of each other. Nice.

I am so drunk, these are starting to go down like water. Oh wait, this IS water, with alcohol! A match made in heaven. Weird creepy date rape heaven.

Live Show? Stay tuned! Thanks for listening! Live shows are where it’s at, if you like looking at Bunny and I. We’re sexy, or so I’m told. See you next week!

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