TJH 580: Just Sexy


“Alright mom, this is Mat, we’ll be snuggling in the bedroom.”

Would you look at that, another episode of the Jamhole, and its even a day early. Bunny and I decided we would do the show Thursday since we were both going to be a bit tied up Friday. No matter, its Friday when you’re all hearing this, unless of course you’re a dedicated listener who follows us on one of our social networks. If that’s how much you care, then you sometimes get some extra cool amazing stuff. Take this episode for instance. IF you were watching live, you would have seen us in amazing strip vibe beach blanket bingo-vision. Yeah, it was that awesome, now read some fucking notes.

So you want to pay people to get fat? Montana is on a fucking roll with the things it decides to do.

What is the most memorable TV event in the last 50 years that you can remember?

Who’s ready for the snuggle bunny touch monster? I am, and for $60 it’s well worth it right? We’re going to do a little experiment. We’ll get back to you. Intriguing idea for sure. This is probably the funniest thing we’ve talked about in quite some time. I can’t stop thinking about it.

Ok, sit back and drop your pants, it’s time for Bunny to read us a sexy sex story… You’re welcome. Now suck this ex husband peen. Fucking the pounds away, 500 calories at a time.

There’s two ways we can do this, illegal or legal. How do you prefer your kidneys? Personally, I prefer mine exactly where they are, in my back somewhere.

Those piranhas days are numbered. The Chinese take out some rage on these bad ass fish.

Remember people getting killed in real life over some World of Warcraft? Hell yes it happened again. Well, not killed, but definitely shanked. That’s what you get for spying on your neighbors. Dude, it’s not just a game, it’s my life.

I don’t want to steal your passwords, I just want to fuck with your dating system. Christians + Muslims = True Love. This guy wants your peen.

We have all been on bad dates in our lifetime. All of us except for Bunny of course. You wanna snuggle? Sixty bucks! Check out this app that says it rescues from crappy dates.

What would happen if the Internet stopped selling porn? Drop us a comment and let’s discuss.

Ask me how I know the end of the world is near. Because the Christians and Muslims are joining forces to try and get rid of hotel porn. I wouldn’t be so concerned about the porn as I would be about the hookers your husbands are fucking IN the hotel. Now let me know when things turn hostile.

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