TJH 598: Weird Bonding


“That’s my dog now I guess, so cheers.”

Yay, another Friday and here’s another episode of China’s favorite comedy podcast, The Jamhole. Mat Lee here joined this evening by Sabriand. He has such a soothing voice, if I ever write my diary of a dope fiend memoirs, he’ll definitely be the one reading my audio book. Anyway, thanks for listening and all that jazz, and if you’re into it, check out the Jamhole Google+ community and page, and write us a quick review on iTunes. Also check the links at the bottom of the show notes for links to my hip hop over on Google Play.

Let’s welcome Sabriand back to the Jamhole. He had such a great time the first go around, he had to come back for more.

Welcome to a bit called, It’s a dog’s life, because people are assholes. I’ll just direct your attention to my Google+ post, and you can listen to the rest. It’s also on my Facebook page if you don’t use Google+. I’m sorry, I was still angry. People are stupid. I can’t believe I pretty much spent the whole show talking about this. I apologize for that.

Sabriand gave blood today, and passed out. Don’t laugh, this could happen to you.

Let’s geek out on a little Ingress talk. Sabriand is my Ingress buddy after all, so we should probably talk about it.

Next up, let’s call up Sabriand’s girlfriend and talk to her about Ingress. Fuck, I’m sorry, I wish I would have had something more planned than that. My fail.

And of course, back to the dog thing. But it’s not my fault this time, because Kelsie just got home, and she needs to vent also.

Podcasting is not as easy as it looks. We put that to the test.

We interviewed the guy from on the Techno Optimist podcast. You should check it out and go make your mind file.

Here’s a link to the Jamhole Google+ post about the medical research stuff. Pick which ones you want us to talk about this Friday.

Here’s a link to Tim Minchin’s Pope Song on YouTube. Thanks for letting us use it for an intro Tim!

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