TJH 633: Milestone of Stupidity


“I’ve done tons of heroin, and you’re full of shit.”

Thank you so much for checking out another high-larry-us episode of the Jamhole. This one is number 633 and I’m Mat Lee. This other asshole you hear is Duncan Puffer, and this shit right here, well it’s a little something we like to call The Jamhole. Sit back, unwind with your favorite substance of use and abuse, and have some laughs with us. If you like the show, make it your goal to make sure at least one other person you know, knows about this shit. It’s time to grow!

Let’s go way way back to February 18th, 2008. Remember the first episode of the Jamhole? It’s been about six years since Travis and I started this shit show in the office. We’ve plowed through friends, girlfriends, friends’ girlfriends, boyfriends, and best friends. Now it’s just us.

I’m curious to hear from any listeners who have been listening since the beginning. I know there are still a few of you left alive out there, send us a message.

Puffer has a bumper sticker idea. Quick, someone get Cafepress on the horn. Embrace Anorexia. You got to hand it to the kid, sometimes he comes up with a great idea.

Alana Hotbutt wrote in about the Summit hot tub Robby was talking about last episode. Thank you for the insight. Enjoy your next soak Robby, and put your damn sperm surfers on for fucks sake.

I saw a car on the side of the road that didn’t just get dicked, but it got SUPER cocked. Completely covered in dicks.

Let’s get into our snowmobiling trip to Canyon Creek. You can check out the pictures here on Google+ of the ride, and of us taking the skid apart to fix my suspension, along with a short video here of the sled trip.

Puffer also spun his PTO bearing, so it’s time for a new sled. It’s a good thing it’s almost tax time.

Let’s take a minute to pour out a little liquor for our homeboy Philip Seymour Hoffman. Conspiracy? You tell me. Maybe it was ancient aliens. You don’t know. In other news, if you do heroin, be careful out there. Apparently there is a bad batch of shit going around.

Have you been listening to Sword and Scale lately? If you only listen to two episodes, listen to episode 5 and episode 6. It’s a two parter, and it is fucking crazy. Can we get the host on the line? Sure, why not.

We’re going to do an episode of the Hot Box on Monday with Master Shaman Hamilton Souther. He’s with Blue Morpho Tours in Peru. Should be a great talk.

Dr. Richard Besser has come out of the cannabis closet so to speak, stating, “It’s just not rational that adults don’t have the choice of using marijuana, but they do for alcohol. Marijuana is less likely to be addictive, it’s less likely to cause car accidents and birth defects, it’s less likely to cause domestic violence.” Check out the video here n Leaf Science.

In a news story nightmare straight out of the end of a Sword and Scale episode, Andrea Michelle Cardosa has been charged with 16 counts of being a terrible fucking person. Listen to episode 6 of Sword and Scale to hear the actual phone call. It’s pretty fucking epic.

Don’t mess with the Messiah. How’s your separation of church and state? Not very good because this judge got his ass FIRED.

Robbing old people for bibles. Because you know, you can eat the bible.

Clean darts and good dope. I’m sure that’s the tagline Vancouver has been looking for. You’re welcome. Speaking of Vancouver, do you remember Bum Fights? Because these kids are bringing it back. How much money would you need to get kicked in the nuts? What if you were a bum? I mean, they did agree to it.

That’s it for the show, we’ll see you next week. Keep up with Jamholia on your favorite social network, and remember, stay safe out there. It’s a cold world. Literally, it was like neg 25 this week, so bundle up.

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