TJH 632: Crying and Bloody


“They’re easier to chase down after they break into your house.”

Back for another Friday with another episode of the Jamhole. Mat Lee and Duncan Puffer talking that shit you all for some reason, keep coming back for. Well, from the looks of the analytics, most of you are still looking for information on how to fuck a cow. History ladies and gents, motherfucking history. Check the notes and we’ll catch you Friday.

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to kick it. Sometimes, it all catches up to you, and makes life suck.

So yeah, I got this snowmobile. For you winter chickens out there it’s a 1997 Polaris XLT with triple pipes and a list of mods, most of which I have no clue what they are for. One step closer to a winter wonderland live show. We went out on a ride Saturday, here’s some pictures, and a cool Google+ auto awesome movie. Jesse didn’t make it.


Not that we made it very far either, by the time I broke the suspension. We’ll talk more about that Friday.

I need a beacon and some avalanche gear. You should buy it for me. Hit up the donate page if you appreciate what we’re doing. You should all also consider coming up here next winter for a winter wonderland retreat. Email info at thejamhole dot com and let us know.


This asshole got me into smoking E fags now for some reason. Oh right, because you can’t smoke in the new truck. If they sold a spliff version, I would be completely sold.

Meth is back with a fury. Have you noticed all the tweakers around lately? Can we all just dial back the meth use a tad? We’d all appreciate it thanks.

So young, and so drunk. Super drunk.
So young, and so drunk. Super drunk.

Drinking is Murrriccca’s pastime. Or something to pass the time. Some of you are better than others. In Michigan, they have something called the Super Drunk driving law. If you have more than .17 percent blood alcohol level. At least it’s something to shoot for.

Would you let this guy all up in your snizz bizz?
Would you let this guy all up in your snizz bizz?

Get those legs in the stirrups and ready to open wide ladies, because we have the world’s hottest gynaecologist, and there’s a long ass line to get in.


I love that this guy actually made it a point to make eye contact, and then wagged his dick at them. By them, I mean the occupants of the girls locker room. Someone just finished the Porky’s series.

You know this bitch is trouble.
You know this bitch is trouble.

This bitch would definitely give you some trouble. You can tell by the way she walks. See, she stabbed her husband… again. Right, because they has happened before. How many times would you get stabbed per year before you kick that bitch to the curb?

Sometimes you should take a minute before you click that send button. It could save you your job. Like this former Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy teacher, who totally got busted. Are we familiar with revenge porn? We’re still not exactly sure how those pics got online.

Welcome to Zanxibar.
Welcome to Zanxibar.

Let’s all take a minute and check out Fox news trying to save lives. Did you guys know that taking a bunch of benzos for almost a decade, then stopping, can make you all fucked up and sick? That’s right, Fox News has the hard hitting report.

Sometimes cops just have to deal with your penned up sexual frustration in weird ways. Like former police officer Christopher Roush demonstrates. Give us an example of an obscene sexual display.

You know that's hot.
You know that’s hot, because it’s an x-ray.

Check out this piece on Politico about the how the TSA gets off watching you get naked in the x-ray machine. Yo, we got a BBC over here.

How many millions would you need to forget about the priest fondling you when you were a kid? I mean honestly, how much of that do you really remember? Nice work Montana Catholic diocese. What’s your diddle bum bum limit?

Did you know that those who are slow to react are more likely to die prematurely? Seems like a no brainer right?

Assume the position and kneel before god.
Assume the position and kneel before god.

Poetry or prose? Choose wisely or get drunkenly stabbed. Russia rocks! Don’t be such a Kant.

Thanks for listening and be safe out there. Did I mention you should all be listening to Sword and Scale? It’s one of my new favorite podcasts, besides How Did This Get Made. Stay frosty.

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