TJH 778: Benny Bourgeois

The Jamhole 778

“I could take em or leave em…”

Welcome back to another episode of the Jamhole comedy podcast. This one should be sounding much better than the previous. Maybe not necessarily in content, but certainly in audio quality. I hope you are all staying safe out there.

Yea, I fucked up last weeks episode. I’m also probably the only one it bothers. But damn it bothers me. I almost fell on my sword.

It’s almost road trip time! Looking forward to that.

Time for Ben’s Fetish Hour!

You can’t fake a bigfoot heat sig. Thermal camera footage shows ‘Bigfoot’ peeking around tree.

Cryptozoology time!

And because one cryptid article isn’t enough, BJ blesses us with another! A Texas zoo has published pictures online that have left most internet users stumped.

Let’s rent this bad bitch!

You ever get busy in the Mystery Machine? Now you can! The Mystery Machine is available to rent on Air BNB.

What the fuck is that inside that catfish? Indiana anglers are just built different, as are their sex toys.

Stolen mail truck located, postal service still trying to figure out who snatched it.

Knowing if the drugs you plan to use contain fentanyl can lower your risk of overdose. Welcome to the roaring 20s.

RIPS to this Folf Legend!

I can’t remember when we last read a story that had to do with folf. Florida man looking for Frisbees in alligator-infested lake found dismembered.

Don’t. Just don’t…

Also, who the fuck is molesting gators?

Ava Misseldine allegedly used her stolen identity to become a flight attendant, get her pilot’s license, attend college, and even rake in $1.5 million in COVID loans.

Did someone say free drugs?

This Vancouver group won’t stop giving out free coke, meth, and heroin. Shout out to The Drug User Liberation Front for keeping it real.

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