TJH 821: Bringing Bears

The Jamhole Ep 821

“You just aren’t going to feel great anymore.”

Welcome back to another episode of the Jamhole! Mat and BJ back with you for 821 to check in and see how things have been getting on. The germs are taking over again! We will fight this battle to the bitter end.

Ruth Goodman
Ruth Goodman

I witnessed a pretty epic cross over. Ruth Goodman, the lady we enjoy watching on the show Inside the Factory, was interviewed on the Iron, Coal, Wood episode of Big Picture Science. I guess as an old man, these are the things that excite me now.

The “fake” post on X

You know what’s more funny than protocols and projects getting their X accounts sim swapped? The SEC getting their account sim swapped! As of the writing of this, I do believe the Bitcoin ETF has been approved, but who knows at this point.

We are all one…

So remember when we talked about all the fun things micro plastics are getting into? Welp, I thought it went without saying, but yea, it’s also in your water.

The Path

Astrobotic Technology’s Peregrine lander which was supposed to bring some human remains to the moon, is just now kinda floating through space. Although in an update I read this morning, they might be able to get control back.

Double Big Mac… Because Murrica!

Talk about burying the lead… McDonalds is bringing the Double Big Mac back… because we need this.

Mmm, Yellowstone…

Don’t become a Touron of Yellowstone, make sure you obey all the signs, otherwise you might fall into some scolding ass hot quick sand or something.

Sloths yo
Sloths yo

Have you ever seen sloth fights? Well, at Sloth Encounters Long Island, you might have been able to. Here’s a video someone made of the sloth abuse.

We found your door.

Bob found the missing door plug that fell out of that Boeing 737 Max. Nice work Bob!

USA out here breaking records! The TSA finds a record number of loaded guns trying to get through.

Dr. Connor Fitzgerald Bowman

In a weird switcheroo, the male is accused of poisoning the female! What a crazy time we live in.

What do you know about Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder? Nothing? Well buckle in buttercup, we’re about to school you.

It’s log, it’s log, it’s big it’s heavy, it’s wood…

Just when you thought it was safe to take a shit in your upstairs bathroom… A tree comes crashing through the roof.

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Take the Money
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Little Nightmares

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