TJH 820: Sleep Divorce

The Jamhole Ep 820

“I wanted to just stomp on the whole mess.”

Mat and BJ back with you for the first episode of 2024. You should probably be asking yourself, what’s on the Jamhole roadmap for 2024? Now that we’re full time professionally technical audio podcast producing interior decorators, you can expect a lot more of the same content you’ve come to know and love us for. Be sure to hop in the Jamholia Telegram and say hi.

TIL: Slugs eat worms…

Tracers in the Dark by Andy Greenberg on the Pleb Book Club

Pleb Book Club Update: We finished Artemis by Andy Weir, and have now started Tracers in the Dark by Andy Greenberg.

Hey web3, how was your 2023? Roughly two billion in losses? NBD… Check out the thread on X here.

Sleep divorce
Guess who’s getting a sleep divorce?

Are you sleep divorcing me? Have you ever been sleep divorced? Call the Jamhole Voicemail line at 406-204-4687 and tell us your story!

stay fun portland oregon
Portland showing up this week…

Hey Portland, are you cool? Everything alright? You know it’s bad when the doge guy and fucking Elon Musk are talking shit about you as a city. Here’s the post on X that sparked off the “article.”

Stay Classy Portland ?

Speaking of Portland being such a shithole, here’s the article I was talking about that mentions people getting sick in Portland because of the human shit everywhere.

Epstein and clinton
Are you a friend of Bill?

Have you seen the Epstein docs? Are we really shocked that the leaders of the country are shithead pedophiles?

Baltimore showing up this week. This lady went on a tit bit of a rampage then got nakey.

Plastic for everyone
Yay for plastics!

Plastic is literally in everything now, happy new year!

Christina Granados
Christina Granados

Florida woman showing up this week smacking the shit out of her old ass dad because of his annoying ass beeping life support machine.

Lone Wolf Plebs
Lone Wolf Plebs

What’s up with these weird ass nazi podcasters? I mean for real, look at these fucking plebs. A couple of lone wolves…

Have you ever wanted to jump into those big aquariums they have at the Bass Pro Shops? This guy did.

Deer Crossing
Deer Crossing

Oh deer… Humans really should be more careful out there driving. Those deer come out of nowhere.

Do y’all want mom on a podcast while she’s here visiting? Also, don’t forget to drop us a voicemail at 406-204-4687!

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Take the Money
Take the Money
Clown Ass Shit House
Imagine the Smell
Imagine the Smell™
GM Fam!
GM Fam!
Little Nightmares
Little Nightmares

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