TJH 825: Down Range

The Jamhole Ep 825

“Oh hey, it’s been whenever the fuck since whatever the fuck.”

Welcome back to another saucy episode of the Jamhole! Today for 825 we take you through a journey of the current events of the week that you care about… Ok that’s not completely true, but it’s a nice thought.

The longer I do this show, the more of an understanding I get of actual professionals losing their shit.

super bowl meme

I did something I haven’t done in ages. That’s right, we actually watched the Super Bowl. Here’s some quick stats for you from during the game. BJ broke 1 glass bowl, ruined a pot of chili, and pretty much fucked up my lunch calzone. Other than that it was a pretty normal day. I blame Usher.

The Pleb Book Club has finished up Tracers in the Dark, and is now reading The Voyage of Sorcerer II which you can find a link to here on the Book List page.

baby in an oven

Shout out to Berger Jesus for sending in this lovely piece of journalism. Kind of taking us back to our roots. If you have a story submission, come holler on Telegram.

The Oregon subreddits are lit!


Tennessee showing up this week. TIL the real undercover agents are hanging out on the tok. Did you know we were having a migration issue?

whistlin diesel killdozer

Here’s the Whistlin Diesel Killdozer documentary if you are interested. If you want to see them getting an old bulldozer in Montana started, that part is here.

Gen z cries

If you have a Fortune account, you can read this article about how Gen Z consists of a bunch of skill less cry babies.

How do you feel about Ecuadorian leaded cinnamon in your fruit pouches?

Gregg Wallace

We enjoy watching Inside the Factory, so when I saw this article about ol Gregg, I had to bring it up.

plague mites

Oregon showing up this week, twice! What’s out? The rona. What’s in? The motherfucking plague! That’s right you gross ass people who sleep with your pets, are bringing the plague back.

Before we wrap this thing up, BJ found a few articles for the show.

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