Danni’s Surgery Documentary


Me Inside – A Walk Thru My Guts with Danni

This is a special video documentary formatted for your ipod video / itouch, for anyone who wants to see what it was like for Danni before, during, and after her laparoscopic surgery. Prior to the surgery, Danni looked around the internet but couldn’t find a start to finish video of what to expect as she mentally prepared to go under the knife. So we figured, why not make our own. The video starts out the morning of the surgery on October 22nd (Mat’s birthday) as Mat takes Danni to the Surgery Center in Kalispell Montana. Then you get a nice look as the doctors hook her up to the machines and IV before being wheeled off into the actual surgery room. Here’s where it gets in depth. We have actual footage of what the doctor saw as he was performing the surgery. After that we get Danni’s first hand account of what it feels like moments after waking up from having a large tumor and her left ovary removed, not to mention a bit of endometriosis taken out. Then we follow Danni through her recovery process as she heals, and talks about all the highs and lows of the procedure. We would like to thank Shawn for every office visit leading up to the surgery, Doctor Robert M. Rogers Jr MD. at Northwest Women’s Health Care for performing the surgery, as well as all of the nurses and staff that helped out and were cool with us filming them. We would also like to thank Keith Mcnally for putting this whole thing together for us. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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