Danni’s Surgery Documentary


Me Inside – A Walk Thru My Guts with Danni This is a special video documentary formatted for your ipod video / itouch, for anyone who wants to see what it was like for Danni before, during, and after her laparoscopic surgery. Prior to the surgery, Danni looked around the internet but couldn’t find a…… Continue reading Danni’s Surgery Documentary

Ep 262: Holy Hell


“Everything fucking hurts and I’m sober, nothing is ok.” The hunter stalks it’s prey, waiting¬†patiently¬†for the chance to strike. Sneaking slowly around corners, hiding in the shadows cast down by the grungy flickering street lights of the alley. You can hear the buzz of the moths as they circle around the warm glowing globe. Attracted…… Continue reading Ep 262: Holy Hell