Ep 332: The Hoe Wrangler


“I’m going to sleep, you fucking leave me alone.”

Haters hate, debaters debate, creators create, the rest of us, well, we masturbate into a faceless disaster plate of disgraced plastered paint dressed up all pretty to act as faith. Reaction nervous, hands shaking, staring into a bottomless cup of what the fuck are we doing crazy. Screwing and luring the pure humans of past, present, and future into an immune view of jaded delays and misconstrued truths. Practice makes perfect, habits face certain tragic death when the earth’s surface turns on it’s last staggered step. Transferred from lavish beach front to the last scandalous leased cup, our patterns pitter patter as we cease to clean up. Free your mind and let the data unwind into a preconceived notion of what it’s like to be blind. The proverbial wool blindfold over eyes hold sighs and a bright hope that the earth dies before I tell my joke.

  • Those who joined the pre show got quick live hip hop show. You’re welcome. We’ll be doing that from time to time, so if you wanna see what this rap shit is all about, come catch a live show.
  • Guess who got android 2.1 when they woke up? This guy! If you have a droid, you’ll probably get it soon.
  • Check out the video we made showing you all how we get down at Grizzly Jacks on Thursdays! Come down this Thursday, we have some out of town hip hop talent, and the sexiest ladies in the valley.
  • You have two more weeks to enter for your chance to win an autographed “What Do We Do Now” book.
  • April 20th we will be in Spokane doing a rap show. We’ll be heading there Saturday and staying the weekend, so if you wanna come do a live Jamhole ep with us on Monday April 19th for Danni’s birthday, get a hold of us.
  • Speaking of Danni’s birthday, feel free to send her stuff to the PO Box or the donate link, or something off of one of the many wish lists we have on the site.
  • I’m deleting my profile on the forums and unsubscribing because I hate Mat, but I’ll keep in touch with you. Either listen to the show or go fuck yourself. I don’t care either way.
  • Redfox calls in and kills some time. Thank you for the show quote kitty!
  • I am addicted to you.
  • Stop protesting oxycontin you fucking idiots. There are much stronger pills on the market you should focus on. Maybe if you were actually being parents, your children wouldn’t overdose on your pain killers. Now pay attention as I teach y0u how to get the right stuff. This is for entertainment purposes only. Just saying…
  • Galactor calls in with the scoop on the doctor scene. Where the fuck is my lighter?
  • She’s not having a seizure because of low blood sugar… That bitch is possessed! I’m gonna need 20cc’s of the body of christ, STAT!!!
  • Clash of the Titans, not too bad, as long as you like greek mythology. If not, you might just wanna watch it at home. Also, you probably don’t need to watch it in 3D.  I have a rather large 3D glass collection, so if you need the hook up on some tight 3D glasses, hit me up.
  • Drinking and driving… Sort of. Well, he was driving, before he hit that cop. What was the cop doing? Talking to another drunk driver. Did I mention the driver was a midget? The driver is a midget.
  • Let’s play hide and seek. You go hide behind mommy’s car, and I’ll run over your head. Another classic example of poor parenting.
  • Danni has a sensitive side. Have any of you had a family member run over another family member? Email info@thejamhole.com and let us know. Or you could leave a message at 406.204.4687.
  • Make sure you’re sending in postcards from where you live. Thanks to everyone who has already. This will be really cool looking when it’s finished.
  • Uganda leading the way in religious child sacrifice. Right the fuck on! Thanks for the crash Ustream, appreciate it as always.
  • Make fitty bucks by shakin yo butts! Thursday night at Grizzly Jacks in Bigfork Montana!
  • Spread the word, help support the show by donations, votes, or check out the store.

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