Ep 338: Spokompton


“Everybody watched 8 mile, that was the problem.”

I literally just finished putting the studio back together, after quite a long drive of me trying to con Danni into giving me road head just so I wouldn’t fall asleep. She hates penis in her mouth so much, she offered to drive rather than just simply sucking me off while I was driving. Oh well, what are you gonna do. The show in Spokane was fun, we’ll talk about it tonight. Basically I need to get these notes finished so I can start getting tonight’s show ready. Fun stuff right? We could just take a day off and say that we’ll see you on Friday. We could say that we’re both terribly tired after a long four days of getting blazed on the Northwest’s finest herb, driving hundreds of miles, and getting down at the 420 party. But you know us, we’re not like that. That is something you could expect from other podcasts, but not us. We have dedication to the game. That’s just how we roll. So I should probably end it right here, I seriously need to bust a nut before the show tonight. Anyway, I completely forgot to mention this, but we had a couple of listeners meet us in Spokane when we got there on Saturday. They could only stay for the night, as they have better jobs than we do and had to leave Sunday morning, but I just wanted to say that it was really fucking cool meeting zenu and his wife, and I hope we can party again sometime. Fuck that was bugging me. I need to start taking better notes or something. Also, this episode was recorded on Danni’s birthday, so of course if you haven’t already, donate some cash so she knows you all appreciate her.

  • Let’s talk about some cool nick names the beautiful city of Spokane Washington has. Are you familiar with Compton? I am also proud to introduce you all to my best friend, Beez. Pardon his levels early on, he’s not used to being on that side of the mic equipment.
  • We watched a pretty kick ass documentary about L.A. gangs. From the very beginning to the modern times, this is why shit is the way it is. I blame the cub scouts, and the white man.
  • Kitty was not cool at all with being moved to a strange place. She’s gonna need some therapy, but I think she’ll be ok.
  • My friend has a cat that fetches. It’s pretty cool, you should check the video.
  • Here is the show notes for the Kalispell homicide I was talking about. We’ll talk about it more tonight. This starts a pretty decent  talk about medical marijuana.
  • Let’s pour out a little liquor for Jack Herer. He was one bad motherfucker. He wrote some cool books.
  • This is what we used to do before we started the Jamhole. You can thank us every time you make a cell phone call and it works. That was us. We also used to rap together way back in the day. You know, before rapping was cool.
  • Don’t hook up a HP monitor to a HP tablet pc. It will most certainly cause a blue screen of death.
  • Four maxed is the most disgusting drink in the world. It’s like cough syrup with wormwood in it. No thanks.
  • Danni finally gets a good birthday present. You are so welcome, and I love you. If you want to check out the King Douche Bag of Jerk Off Mountain ep, it’s right here.
  • Let’s compare dicks.
  • A Jamhole update about the school that was spying on it’s students with built in web cams. You are still weird creepy fucks. We have also solved the problem of priests molesting children. You’re welcome!
  • Beez tells us a touching story about Sykes. Hey little boy, can I buy you a drink?
  • A huge big up to Simon Singh for kicking some BCA ass!
  • I’m not trying to date you, I’m just looking to fuck. Beez has mad game with the honeys.
  • It is every dude’s wet dream to marry a chick that loves fishing. I gotta say, it’s not all that great.
  • Let’s talk about shroom tripping ego death back in the day. Beez and I have been some weird places together, both consciously and subconsciously. I even tried to kiss him once. You have to hear the story. Beez has lots of cool stories.
  • Women in the Middle East are to blame for the earthquakes. I’m glad we finally got to the bottom of that little mystery. Nice job Iran!
  • We pretty much talk about me and how funny I am. I’m very serious about very very few things in life. Deal with it.
  • Danni tries to justify wanting to go to Hot Topic. Check out those hot chicks!
  • We both kind of ate shit while we were folfing at Downriver folf course.
  • Hey pot growers, grow more sativa please. Your indica is putting me the fuck to sleep.
  • What is god tonight? Nature, sure why the fuck not.

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