Ep 375: Mono On


“No fucking discretion, just a mad rapist on the loose.”

So, let’s have a show of hands, who here thinks it’s a good idea to build a Muslim mosque near the site of where the world trade center used to live? At first I thought this was a ridiculous idea, until I saw that Sara Palin also thinks it’s a horrible idea. Of course, I can’t be seen agreeing with that retarded mind fuck, so I thought about it some more, and have come to the conclusion that maybe it’s not such a bad idea. I mean, let’s look at this from a terrorist prevention point of view. Who are we in a war against? Terrorists! Now, as we all know, terrorists come in all shapes and sizes, colors and cultural backgrounds. But what is the one thing most terrorists have in common? They believe in that silly Muslim bullshit. Now I’m not saying that white people don’t believe in silly bullshit, they do probably more so than the dark people, but unless you are an abortion clinic or porn store, you probably aren’t going to get firebombed by white christians. So if we don’t want the Muslim terrorists to attack whatever the fuck it is they are going to build at ground zero, you simply build a Muslim mosque near it. Not only will this prevent the Muslims from blowing it up again, but this will also serve as a deterrent to other terrorist organizations. I think the United States is the only country crazy enough to start shit with a culture that has been in a religous war since it’s people have walked the planet. This means that, on top of Muslims not bombing ground zero again, no other organization will either. They know that if they drop bombs anywhere near a mosque, they are going to be dragged into this war ad infinitum just like the United States is, and we’ve all seen how well that has worked out. So really, if you take a minute to think about it, I think it’s a great idea. Plus it’s New York, which is a pretty rancid shit hole anyways. I doubt anyone is going to notice the difference. I guess the smell might give it away. Muhammad should have added something in the Torah or Koran or whatever magical fairytale book they read out of, about taking showers and going easy on the curry. If you guys could smell yourselves, you would be more mindful of what you shovel into your head holes. Oh well, what do you do? Things are so far fucked past the point of fixing, it’s time to just hang out, get by and watch the world end.

  • Let’s welcome our friend, Jake Jarvis to the Jamhole. Not the guy’s son from TWiG, but our friend.
  • Did you hear about the new 21 and up Kalispell night club? It should have been called The Bird, but no such luck. So what exactly is Club Kali? Well, it’s the upstairs of the Eagles club. I guess it is a club, so whatever.
  • Jake and myself go way back. Let me tell you about working at the old Alltel store. Don’t worry, it’s not there anymore. I fucking hated that job.
  • So apparently all you have to do if you are at a bar trying to pick up chicks, is walk up to them while staring at them, then just lean in and let them do the rest. I suppose they have to be pretty drunk and not a “Dana” type personality for this to work.
  • Are you a girl? Would you just let some dude roll up to you and kiss you? Email info@thejamhole.com.
  • Repo Men was a pretty cool fucking movie. That would be my dream job. Besides working in the medical marijuana industry.
  • Shout out to the 2Hip bike guys. I hope you found some chronic! Can you ride your bicycle with no handlebars?
  • Did you know Kalispell has a monastery? It looks like it’s run by one monk on his own. He also looks really creepy, if I was a 12 year old.
  • So it’s been decided. Saturday, September 25th 2010 will be the second annual Jamhole live audience show. Come hang out with us in beautiful Kalispell Montana. If you can make it here for September 18th, you can catch the Roach Market / Hot Box live show festival party also! Bring your medical marijuana cards and let’s party.
  • Well, the mice are still alive and doing very well from the sound of it. We need to do what this guy did, and get an exterminator to use explosives, then sue the fuck out of them for $146,000. Cha Ching!
  • Another miraculous act of god. Striking kids at a church camp with lightning. Nice job god! He probably did that because the girl’s name is Charity Tucker. L-O-L!
  • Have you ever sent a racy text to the wrong person? If you answer yes, then you know how totally NOT awesome that can be.
  • Jesus titty fucking Christ Danni, your tits look huge today!
  • If you are a girl, how do you acquire the taste for vagina? Of course, if women are involved, it’s got to be a long drawn out painful process. It’s something girls learn in high school, if they pay attention.
  • Killer Klowns from outer space… well, he was tripping, so they really weren’t there, but in his mind they were.
  • Hey Indonesian Muslims, you’ve all been praying the wrong way. Maybe that’s why god hates you so much. Nice work! Sorry guys, we were praying to Africa this whole time.
  • If you haven’t watched the new season of the Boondocks, you have to watch it. So fucking funny.
  • If you wanna get raped, hit up Jake on myspace.Of course, you can say hi to Shaun on myspace also.
  • Give me a call or text at 406.848.1739 (1sex) or call and leave a message for the show at 406.204.4687 (gotP).
  • Email info@thejamhole.com and help us pay some bills on the donate page. It’s been a slice, thanks!

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