Ep 376: The Hawk


“I’ll take what the fuck for 400.”

This was one of the funniest episodes to me personally in quite some time. I don’t know what it is about Shaun, but he just cracks me the fuck up sometimes. I guess the weed probably helps to. Did I mention that you might wanna be under the influence of some kind while listening to this podcast. Unless of course you’re driving, then maybe wait to get home. So I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mother. Without her, and her mom and her mom’s mom and so forth and so on, none of this would have been possible. So from all of us to all of the mom’s that came together to have sex until one of them popped out me, thank you. Oh yea, and donate, because I’m broke right now and I could really use $20. Thanks!

  • Please join me in welcoming “The Hawk” to the studio. Yes, my roommate is a retard.
  • When you rap and podcast, you need to separate groups. One for the rap groupies and one for the podcast groupies. So what’s your angle now?
  • The mad rapist strikes again. This is the funniest story ever. I really need to start hanging out with Shaun more.
  • Danni tells us about her boat date. Sounds like a BLAST. She also met a kid. I really have nothing else to say about that.
  • I would really appreciate it if you would not text during the show. I know you can focus for at least an hour. Thank you.
  • The Hawk wants the healing to begin. I fully agree. Danni needs to get to know herself. Danni’s going to stay the night and fuck me because she can’t find anyone else to fuck.
  • Chicks like pricks. Pay attention. This is why you should hang out for the pre show pre game warm up.
  • Hey, that’s exactly where my shirt was. Best farmer tan ever. I’m going to have to hang out at the lake and ride wave runners more. And by the way, a wave runner that goes damn near 80 MPH on the water is not pussy shit, so you, and your “jet ski” that doesn’t “float” can blow me.
  • Who sucked your dick with stitches in it? Ok Danni, you win. Thank you.
  • Dump the rider. I don’t like that game anymore.
  • LISTEN UP, we’re doing the second annual Jamhole Live Show camping party. The live show will be September 25th at Anna’s Italian Grille again. It’s going to be a blast. If you missed it last year, I highly recommend you come get some this year. Check out the video trailer and buy the copy of the first live show.
  • Some news from Josh at the Bigmouths Podcast. They will be back August 5th. Do you wanna know what happened? Just kidding, I wouldn’t blow up his spot like that.
  • If you guys want me to go undercover andĀ infiltrateĀ the homeopathic “doctor,” donate $60 which is what it costs for the visit, and I’ll get it done.
  • Now let’s talk about how all guys like a finger in their ass. Of course, this IS the Jamhole after all. The Hawk says it’s called the “Lucky Pierre.”
  • I have standards. That’s all.
  • I don’t see what’s wrong with hooking up with chicks on Facebook. Call up Mark and ask him why he first created Facebook. It was because him and his friends couldn’t get laid to save their lives.
  • There is a problem with too many fat people in Columbus. You are putting paramedics in the hospital from trying to lift your large disgusting ass. If you are over 500 pounds, you aren’t allowed to use the 911 service. Just deal.
  • This is the one case where you should probably just make the phone call. Best text message ever! This brings us to a discussion about whether you would rather get shot with a gun or a taser. Thoughts? Email info@thejamhole.com or use the comment form on the about us page.
  • The screen play to Mrs. Doubtfire II, I Rack. Dude, that chick’s a dude!
  • When turkeys start killing people, we have a serious problem on our hands. Peep my turkey impression.
  • The Hawk tells us a story about how he hit The Owl. Second best story ever!
  • Getting put in jail for trying to give someone a hug. What would you do if someone just came up to you and tried to hug you?
  • Thanks, happy birthday mom, and we’ll see you later on this evening. Leave a message for the show at 406.204.4687 or text my cell at 406.848.1739.
  • Check the Hot Box logo contest and win this awesome glass pipe.

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