Ep 124: Eraser Burns


“It’s because I had four years of acting school.”

Hello and welcome to episode 124 of The Jamhole.  We welcome Brayden back to the show for the live video Monday night podcast.  From now on until further notice, the live shows will be video and audio via livevideo.com.  The easy link is thejamhole.com/livevideo.  On tonight’s show we talk about Brayden’s first job ever, opening strip clubs in Montana, Mat’s solo Sunday live show, completely destroying the website over the weekend, and then of course, rebuilding it.  Then we talk about Brayden’s friends bad trip, and then we do some confessions.  After that we do some news, and call it a night.  Next live show is Wednesday at around 7pm Montana time.  Follow us on twitter.com/thejamhole for exact show times.  News stories include but are not limited to: killing for karaoke, finding the virgin mary in your brain, “wave” goodbye to your girlfriend dude, or an indecent proposal from god.  I cant decide which, for I find them both to be equally clever, as well as funny. The end game is always the same with these women, if they aren’t cheating on you with your best friend, then they are getting drowned in the ocean.  You can never satisfy them either, just forget about it.  I wish the females sleep well and the males dream sails. Its poetry stupid! I think there was also a story about a kid at school possessed by a demon or something. I also remember something about jerking and driving.

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