Ep 382: Dream State


“My big brain makes up for my little penis.”

My brain is mush. Much to my dismay, I trained at lunch to fight in this game. Between my fits of rage and constant reminders of what you could have been, another haunted insider. Here’s a tip for you, run. Don’t look back, just run. Don’t think, just run. You keep on the move to stay ahead of the game, but between me and you, you don’t look like you’ve played. Sure, looks will always deceive, and books have pages you can always turn to read. Now it’s my turn to bleed because your face is red and I’ve always kept your heart close to my bed. Enough said because you’ve said enough without saying a word now I’m lost in the rough. But I found a diamond trapped inside, the saddest looking smile I’ve ever seen in my life.

  • Let’s talk about Shaun’s good friend ED. Also, thanks for the ads Ustream.
  • Life is hard sometimes. If you lived my life, you would have killed yourself a long time ago.
  • It’s sex talk time, with the Jamhole.
  • Nice job with the movie Inception. If you tried to put everyone in the theater to sleep, mission accomplished.
  • Danni and myself have come to the realization that we’re pretty much stuck with each other. There is nothing else in the valley that can make this happen. So here we are. Now it’s our turn to write a book.
  • Shaun tells us about getting caught with his pants down. Literally! Epic to the nuts.
  • We’ve lost a lot of good soldiers to the addiction that Blizzard Entertainment has graciously given to us. Shaun is slowly becoming one of those soldiers. Thank you Starcraft 2. Sex is obsolete now that there’s Starcraft.
  • This guy cried like a little girl because he was the first person in his area to get the new game. It’s very sad to see an Asian cry.
  • Let’s get a little LOT geeky and talk some game shop.
  • This guy got a stiletto heel kicked into his eye. It’s a good thing he had a little brain, he might have been killed. Fuck that must have hurt something fierce.
  • Pimpin ain’t easy, nor is it completely on the up and up. Of course she was vulnerable. That’s step one of the game. This is why we need to legalize prostitution. It will dissolve the black market for whores, and keep the standards high.
  • Getting killed by a five pound rock launched by a large homemade slingshot. I guess there’s not much to do in the twin cities.
  • What silly things do you remember from your child hood? Let’s reminisce a little.
  • Donate some cash and help keep this free show free. Remember, September 25th we are having the second annual Jamhole live party for episode 404 not found in the 406. RSVP on the Facebook group or the Jamhole forums.

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