Ep 396: Where’s my Money?


“I’m just trying to figure out how to feed myself.”

This is Redfox from Sporkroast.com. As most of you know, I’ll be travelling from my home state of Wisconsin, all the way over to Montana to see the Jamhole 404 Live Show in a few weeks.  The intent of this is to be a sort of published time capsule to read now, and look back on after the show to see how the trip lived up to my expectations.  Maybe Mat can learn something too, about what people think of going to visit him.

My expectations for this trip are high, but also not, at the same time.  I do have experience with trips similar to this one.  When I was a senior in high school, I flew down to Georgia to visit a friend of mine.  I stayed at his place for a week, and basically we just bummed around.  There was no specific reason for me to go down there, other than to visit and hang out.  It ended up being one of the most relaxing vacations ever. I turned off my cell phone, left my laptop at home, and enjoyed the southern country air.  I feel that this trip will be much of the same.  I’d like to roam around the valley, see the sights, and enjoy a new place I’ve never been to before.  I can remember in Georgia, my buddy driving me around in his Jeep Wrangler with no top and no doors, weaving thorough he foothills of the Chattanooga area.  I’m hoping to get a similar experience driving up to the campsite with Mat and the crew.

I’ve been listening to the Jamhole for well over a year now, which is about 200 episodes.  At an hour and half average, that’s a lot of listening.  I feel that because of this, and also talking to Mat, Brayden, and Danni on the side a bit, I know what to expect when I meet them.  Brayden will be sort of reserved, but still a nice guy, Danni will probably laugh at me for some reason, and Mat will be a crazy son of a bitch and try and get me in trouble somehow.  I don’t really know Shaun that well, so I don’t know what to expect from him really.

In terms of activities, I’m not expecting much.  I know there’s probably only 1/10 of the night life in Kalispell as there in Milwaukee, but it’s definitely going to be a change of pace.  I want to feel like I’m away from my home life, and just enjoy being away.  Camping, I think, should be a great time.  It seems like Shaun is putting some effort into making sure there’s fun stuff to do on the lake.  I haven’t done much research of the area, because I want to be surprised, I think.  I hope to go out to dinner once or twice with the Jamhole gang, and enjoy their company.

To finish, I think I’ll enjoy this trip because my expectations aren’t that high.  It’s not that I’m expecting the trip to be a bomb, I just want to let go of structure for a week and enjoy life in the middle of nowhere.  I feel that everyone involved over there is sincere behind their stoned exteriors, lol.  I know he doesn’t say it, and sometimes he says the opposite, but I really think Mat is putting a lot of effort into making sure people have fun on this trip.  He goes out of his way to accommodate his fans and friends, which is saying a lot considering how many other shows are willing to do this sort of thing to the extent the Jamhole is.  I know this trip will be a success whatever happens, and I know everyone will love the live show.

  • Let’s welcome our good friend Tyler back to the Jamhole. Shaun was up rocking a crowd in St. Mary’s, and Danni was quite sick. She ended up going to the E.R. because of a wicked bad kidney infection.
  • We’re all just living paycheck to paycheck. That would suck, except for the fact that our whole town is doing the same. Rise above!
  • Add up all the dumb bullshit you buy on a daily basis, and you’ll quickly realize why you can barely afford to eat. Help us feed ourselves so we can keep on bringing you free shows.
  • The billion dollar idea. I’m going to invent something for you to wipe your ass with. Gotta love the renewable products. We are the ultimate consumers.
  • Rap night went very well. We have two brand new songs up at thejamhole.com/music. Check out “Hit That Shit” and “Do it Like us.” Mad props to Ev-g for making the beats for those songs. We couldn’t do it without you.
  • The key to living well… Be as self sufficient as possible. Eliminate as much of your day to day costs as you can. Evolve or get left in the dirt.
  • Let’s talk about finding weed when you are new to a place. Tyler and myself have a lot of experience doing that.
  • More rioting in another third world shit hole because of how overpopulated it is everywhere. Feeding people is just another business. It’s a big game of Farmville.
  • Have you ever been tased? Well this 64 year old gentleman did, because he did what the officer said to do. That’s fucked up.
  • Going to coffee with your knocked up 20 year old girlfriend. Busted by your 40 year old wife. This can’t end well. My question is, why does your knocked up girlfriend have a screwdriver on her? That just seems weird to me.
  • If you are going to attack someone, you better make sure you kill them, because they could very well end up finding you, and killing you.
  • Getting killed over a Facebook status update… Again. Privacy is dead. If you listen right here, you can hear the female end of the bong break. Sad kittens.
  • Would you rather die laying in a bed, or in a super awesome car wreck? Umm duh? It’s better to explode in a ball of fire than to just fizzle out, wither away and die.
  • The future of podcasting? Everyone will eventually have their own “Life Channel.”
  • Who picks up the dead bodies when the truck that picks up the dead bodies crashes? Those cartels aren’t fucking around, filling up trucks and trucks with dead bodies.
  • If you see a dead whale on the beach, you could get arrested for cutting off a couple feet of it, to eat. Go buy food like everyone else you dumb consumer.
  • The government is gangster in the way it works. If you fuck up, you get bitched slapped, then you owe me money. Bitch! Where’s my motherfucking money? That’s how you handle people. When you do something stupid, you get punished and then you owe me money.
  • Email info@thejamhole.com, leave a message at 406-204-4687 or text me personally at 406-848-1739.
  • Join the Facebook group and RSVP for the camping trip / Jamhole 404 live show. All the info is at thejamhole.com/404. It’s going down starting Thursday September 23rd, Friday, then the live show is Saturday the 25th. See you there!

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