Ep 398: Enabler


“We all had a good laugh at my penis’s expense that day.”

Sitting, bored. The beginning of the end, what’s the score? What’s more, what else is in store? Sitting bored. Picked up knitting became a chore. I prefer hitting on a little metronome beat one per sitting. Fitting? Tight like a glove linen. Sitting, bored. The beginning of the end, that same old cliche walking down the same old road. A wart on a toad dripping with poison from the top to the bottom of my soul. Trying as hard as I can to bust my load. Always out of control, get in control? Smoke another bowl. Sitting, bored. Tired, old. Deciphered the code, too much time alone. Trying to figure out the next big get rich quick scheme. I’m thinking politics. Sitting in the oval office, stinking like something that stopped thinking. Sleeping. Too much smoking, not enough drinking. Too much blah blah blah, not enough TA – DA. This country pretty much runs itself, so I’m in the oval office, sitting bored. Falling asleep, depressed, even too depressed to creep. Quite a feat if you ask the upper echelon puppet elite. For supper? Meet and greet the meat between my cleats, stomping through the forest trying to feed the intrigue. Unimpressed with the best the world has to offer, in the form of Godzilla versus Mothra. Why would a moth try to extinguish the flame? The same reason the sloth hates his own name. Brand recognition. Sitting. Bored. Torn in half please pass the porn. Born from wrath and a silly twinkle in the eye of the devil. Broken, beaten down and disheveled. This level 1 hobo asks all the right questions but at all the wrong times. He has all the bright sentences written down on all the wrong lines. He slaved over all the crying messengers but payed all the wrong fines. Long line after tired sad long line. Always waiting, I might as well have a seat over here. Sitting, bored. Always debating. Are the finer things in life the ones that cost the most money? I should go buy a nice comfortable chair. Sitting. Bored…

  • Yea, we are the most hated, and this is why. Shaun is actually the most loved. Figure that out.
  • Let’s read a letter from 26. Good insight, I think everyone was nodding with you as I read that.
  • I guess since that other podcast doesn’t like us, we’re just going to have to end the show. Haha, you are a fucking idiot. The whole world is out to get you right? Well, I guess living in New York, most of the world might be.
  • From that to some Dating in the Dark. Should I be this amused by this show? I can’t help it.
  • They don’t need a search warrant to snoop your cell phone logs, because you put the shit out there on your own. You even smile as your giving away ALL of your information.
  • With friends like this… You get the picture. They set him on fire while he was passed out.
  • I totally want one of these laser pointers. I promise I won’t burn my eye like this retard did.
  • This is what happens on PCP nigga! Shit yea. I think it’s impossible to do PCP and end up the night with your clothes still on, or in your possession.
  • You totally had sex with your son, whom you abandoned when he was an infant. Nice! Way to make up for those missed years. Dude, you fucked your mom. Not cool. That’s our job.
  • Apparently, our music is getting good. Check out what we have so far up on the Jamhole music page.
  • This is what happens when you probably live in a trailer park, and your wife calls out someone else’s name during coitus. It’s cool, I was thinking of my daughters boyfriend. His name is also Chris.
  • The American version of Fritzl. Of course, its a watered down version, but we’ll take what we can get. You should run your household with FEAR. Fear the rape.
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