Ep 402: Alien Gangsters


“Times are tough right now, and if you’re old, it ain’t any easier.”

Time flies when your having fun, but when your not having fun anymore, it really catches up to you.

  • I’m going to blame the rain for our Hot Box festival being so sad ūüôĀ It was a very intimate live show, and that is always fun. Rapping in the rain is also fun. I’d like to thank Lyrickal for giving me the shine that day.
  • Be careful when you have to dig through the cash tray to get something to smoke. Especially when your¬†roommate¬†loses your pipe.
  • Oh look honey, rappers.
  • If you are going to make it as a horrorcore rapper, you have to kill people.
  • How was your trip so far Nicole? She has such a sweet voice. Her friend is pretty hot also.
  • I totally fucked you guys, I’m actually starting a tour company. Shaun started doing the show to plug his rap music.
  • I dare you to do a backflip. Oh, and your feet stink.
  • This is a robbery. I only need a little bit of money to pay my friends rent.
  • Of course, the Jews would find a way around the belief system they hold so dear. Sure, stick caffeine pills up your ass. Why the fuck not.
  • All people like to eat ass. All people also like to get their asses licked.
  • If you have a dominatrix, you should¬†definitely¬†ask her for hitman advice.
  • Have you seen the Human Sexipede trailer? I must have this movie. Thanks Doc!
  • Danni likes cocaine, have you heard?
  • Have you seen Machete? It’s damn good. Danny Trejo was born to play this role.
  • I am still broke, even more broke from this week of party fun. Help a brotha out.
  • Email info@thejamhole.com or leave us a message at 406.204.4687.

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