Ep 403: Forbidden


“It ripped my pants open revealing that I was not wearing underwear that day.”

I love how the CNN Belief blog has a story on its page about a kid who was molested by a Catholic priest back in seventh grade. Of course he was an alter boy, and of course the molestation happened inside the church walls. It happened in the rectory he said, which I find really ironic for some fleeting reason. But my question is, how can people believe in something that is supposed to be holy, when the people preaching about how holy it is are completely desecrating everything they hold sacred? So by their logic, it’s ok to fuck a kid in the confessional, but it’s not ok to piss in the baptismal pool? It’s ok to molest kids in the room next to the altar, but don’t take the Eucharist and give it to your atheist friends. If you read the story, check out the guys picture. Then read how he started the whole thing. The kid, who is now in his early forties, and among ten other kids who have come forward, said he got a ride home from the priest from a baseball game, and on the way home the priest put his hand on the kid’s thigh… and left it there, the whole ride home. Fuck that would creep me out. I would have punched him in his nuts. It always starts with that one creepy touch. I think the priest that did this is dead now. Heaven or hell?

  • We have a house full of people for this episode in town for the 404 show, so I hope you enjoy this.
  • Here is the itinerary for the week of the live show. Good stuff.
  • The vortex might be the weak link here. 4 out of 5 isn’t bad though.
  • Let’s read some of Danni’s tweets. Speaking of tweets, did you hear about the bug.
  • You know what AmesB? You can go suck a dick.  -Redfox
  • And yea sure, the relationship might be shit, but we make it work.
  • The view really makes the shitty town bearable to live in.
  • This is the story of how Shaun and myself. Thank you Adam Langer.
  • You can’t get pregnant if you’re standing up.  -Most Montana Chicks
  • Death to the baby, because it won’t stop crying. This guy actually stomped on a baby. I’m oddly curious what that looked like.
  • Mike Boudet can suck a dick too apparently.  -Redfox
  • If it wasn’t for you kids, we would have gotten a divorce a long time ago. Now that’s integrity.
  • Spit that out! That is NO catholic church. If you have to suck a dick, make sure the dick is 18 or over.
  • UYD sold out both live shows. Nice work fellas. We should start selling tickets.
  • Now it’s time to hate on Redfox. Hi Sandy!
  • Killed by a Bowflex. How embarrassing. He was your star player too. Reminds me of the mangler. He was a totally decent rapper who loves making big moves.
  • Just one more thing the internet is good for finding. Someone to have a suicide pact with.
  • Let’s hear what our guests think of Shaun.
  • Allow me to introduce our manager, Melvin Johnson.
  • Sorry dude, we were just fucking around with poison. Thanks Doc! So what is worse, this guy or Danni giving sea gulls alka seltzer?
  • Danni is going to be my gravy train. I’ll put her up against any other female podcaster in the game. FIGHT! Place your bets people.
  • If you weren’t grossly overweight, you would have been rescued.
  • Hey Danni, talk for a minute. But next time don’t just describe what I’m doing.
  • Thank you to everyone who sucked a dick this episode courtesy of Redfox. Also a huge thanks to everyone that came out to party with us. It was a great time.
  • I am still broke, so toss some cash my way if you can. Every little bit helps.
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