Ep 405: Engagement


“It’s kinda hard to talk and say will you marry me into a microphone when you’re on your knee.”

And then there were none… Well, of course we’re still here, but the last guest left, so life slowly goes back to normal. Between the rap show, Hot Springs, and the Jamhole 404 show, I really think we changed some lives. Hey, you’re welcome. That’s what we’re here for. It never occurred to me until MDS mentioned it, but we are slowly becoming quite the entertainers. I’m really starting to feel at home up on the rap stage, actually remembering my lyrics, and grooving with the crowd the way a rapper should. The bad thing is, I fucking love doing it. Why is that bad? Because the pay is shit. You know we keep this show, and our lives going by slaving our days away working normal jobs. Could you even begin to fucking imagine how amazing this show, and our rap would be if we could spend more time on it? I do, each and every day I get up at 7:30 am to go to work. The funny thing is, that even with having a day job, we’re just barely making it. I should feel bad about that, but when I take a look around the valley, and see that everyone else is doing the same, I feel much better about it. So again, thank you to everyone that came out and made the Jamhole 404 party week so fucking awesome. I can’t wait to do it next year. We will change the date so the weather is more agreeable for everyone. Keep on listening and interacting, and we’ll keep on doing free shows and making rap music for you to enjoy.

  • Let’s welcome MDS back to the Jamhole studio. We had a great time this week with everyone that flew out to see the live show. It’s nice to get back to normal life.
  • Time for a quick run down of the Jamhole week. Hot Springs trip was great. The rap show was great. Apparently we were the best rappers there that night. The club is great once it’s lit properly. The vortex, maybe not so great, but my brother really saved it. If you’re rich, please donate money so I can buy my own Mini Cooper. Overall, a great time was had by all.
  • A huge thanks also goes out to Keith Mcnally for editing our live show again. Check out his podcasts at KeithCourage.com. We are slowly but surely getting the footage to him. And a fuck you goes out to the library where he lives for blocking torrents.
  • The tour of Hot Box Sandy’s grow was pretty awesome. We smoked that whole jar of weed this week.
  • The actual Jamhole 404 live show went great, I’m very excited for you all to see it. This one will be way more entertaining than the 250 show. According to MDS we have our shit together way more this year. Danni’s proposal was pretty fucking epic also. Just wait till you see the footage. Of course I said yes, I would give it serious thought after 2012. Just in case.
  • If you guys take the time and money to fly all the way to Montana, we’re going to go out of our way to make damn sure you have a great fucking time. Mission accomplished.
  • I’m very excited to see the Human Centipede 2, Full Sequence. You can peep the teaser here. Also very excited to see the porno parody, the Human Sexipede.
  • I’m really looking forward to getting in a divorce fight with Danni. I have a feeling she isn’t going to be very gentle. Here’s a tip guys, if you are going to get a divorce, ruin yourself first, that way there is nothing left for her to take.
  • Danni has some serious doctor bills going on, so also if you are rich, and you have already gotten me my Mini Cooper, you can help her get rid of some of this debt.
  • The other big news from the live show, is that Shaun is leaving. Saturday to be exact. I sure will miss him, but it is going to be so nice to be able to get off work, come home, and jerk off without worrying about Shaun walking in on me. We will be tracking his vision quest on a Google map, so we’ll always know where he is.
  • Google has to pay some cash to a sex offender because of a suggested search query. Apparently once you are a registered sex offender, you lose your sense of humor. Also, what the fuck is wrong with Germany? Haven’t they realized that privacy is dead? You are trying to fight the wrong battle… Once again.
  • Another crazy cat lady who lived with 23 dead cats and 50 something live cats. What a fucking mess.
  • Suicide by Segway. Actually, he rolled his whip off a cliff. Man I would have loved to have seen that.
  • Hey, is your name on this list of porn that got leaked online? Fucking awesome. Have I mentioned how much we love 4chan?
  • So if you found a hair in your food, would you send it back? Have you ever found something nasty in your food? Email info@thejamhole.com and tell us your story. Danni and myself would not, but MDS would. Now, if I found a mouse in my bread, I would for sure send that back.
  • Twenty cats, frozen solid. Damn. What the fuck is wrong with people? This is the best neighborhood ever.
  • If you want Shaun to come by your place during his journey, send us your address and we’ll add it to the list. I’ll put links up to his vision quest map so we can all follow his progress.
  • Like I said, the pictures from the 404 party week are up at thejamhole.com/404. If you wanna see the actual album, check out thejamhole.com/pics.
  • As always, you can email info@thejamhole.com or use the form on the about us page if you ever need to contact us. You can also leave a message for the show at 406.204.4687 or you can text me personally at 406.848.1739. If you enjoy the show, send some cash our way. We are all struggling, starving artists. You can also send us cool stuff to the Jamhole PO Box.

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