Ep 409: Pink Eye


“I feel weird, like I wanna start some shit with you.”

Well the studio is put back together again, and after a trip to Helena to stream the MMGA cannabis conference, hopefully it’s the last time I have to put the studio back together for a while. I enjoy the mobile broadcast stuff, but if you do a podcast, then you’ll know how much space it takes up in your house. For some like me, the studio is the living room, so when it’s all torn down and in boxes, it makes the living room look very out of sync. Anyways, it was a great time and I really think we changed some lives. While I was up in Helena, I got to hang out with a lot of the local growers and care givers, and holy shit dude is all I can really say. I ate some of the best medibles I’ve ever tasted, I smoked some of the best weed I’ve ever smoked, and met a lot of really cool people. It makes me breathe a little easier knowing there are good people like this at the forefront of the medical cannabis movement here in Montana. Anyways,¬†we should be back on our regularly scheduled Monday Wednesday and Friday episodes starting tomorrow. Also, in all of the coming and going, I managed to get another hip hop track recorded. I got this new Ev-G beat that is so fucking hot, and finally got a rough draft put together. It made us both smile. Well, I assume it made him smile. It sure made me smile. Once I get some more time I’ll record a final and put it up on the Jamhole music page for you all to hear. We’re still super broke right now so if you guys have any spare paypal monies, pass them our way.

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  • I am very excited for you all to hear the new track.
  • Why is Oxycontin so addictive? Because it feels so fucking good. Guess who’s state got the new formula. Shitty for everyone who liked getting fucked up on oxy.
  • I have a surprise for you! I dressed like a girl and put make up on!
  • This is why it sucks doing other peoples laundry.
  • Danni blows up someones spot. It’s always fun when this happens.
  • This is why I don’t really like living with people. No one is as clean as I am.
  • When you guys get episodes of the Jamhole, I get to see my girlfriend. Super sweet.
  • You go in that room and I’ll stay in this room, and we’ll have a skype date.
  • Hey, why are my eye drops all sticky? Oh fuck… Also, a quick lesson on pink eye.
  • Congrats to Danni’s friend Cliff for finally finding a chick worth a shit.
  • Drinking during pregnancy might actually be ok for you. How can you get through it without? We recommend Everclear and bleach.
  • Let’s take a call from Danni’s friends Cliff and Crissy. Awesome! And congratulations to everyone on your engagements. Check out Cliff’s band at Day Minus Seven.
  • Go take your mom’s credit card and donate us some cash. Trust me, it’s what she would want.
  • Throwing shit through your windshield because you were speeding. That will teach you.
  • Hey, is that a dead baby buried in your backyard? Yep, it sure is.
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