Ep 410: Wild Hog


“When you try to have sex with a dead body, someone will walk in on you.”

Word to that… It’s starting to get late and I have one more set of notes to do before tonight’s show. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  • Ok, so this is episode 410, thank you for reminding me how to do a fucking podcast. We had good reasons as to why we missed a couple of episodes. Something about me needing to get laid before I break the studio down to bring it to Helena.
  • Yea, I fucked her outside, wearing nothing but slippers. I’m a bad ass, no big deal. There’s something about fucking under the stars that is quite heavenly.
  • I went to Helena to stream the MMGA Cannabis conference. I had to go by myself, but it’s all good. It was fun. If I ever get kidney stones or have to pee anything other than pee out of my dick hole, I will kill myself. Or raffle off a ticket for one lucky fan to kill me for me.
  • Did you know? We do a weed podcast every Tuesday and Saturday. Check it out!
  • Mint chocolate chip cannabis tinctures are AWESOME! In fact, most cannabis tinctures are awesome. Unless you are Danni. Then they are maybe not so awesome. In fact she w0uld rather have a dick in her mouth than the tincture. Weird right?
  • Yes, I ate too much cannabis brioche bread, and it put my dick completely in the dirt.
  • I’m sorry Red Lion hotel, but for $20 a ham and cheese sandwich doesn’t come close to cutting it. The cheesecake was good, but still.
  • Huge thanks to the family of JimmyOne Greenthumb for feeding me dinner that night. I had a great time. If you ever need a (legal) grow setup, he’s your man!
  • Also a huge thanks to Chickadee for getting us some more stickers. So if you guys want either Jamhole or Hot Box stickers, send a self addressed stamped envelope to the Jamhole PO Box. Or you can just donate some cash and I’ll send them to you.
  • Let’s talk about Berger’s rehab info! Just kidding… Danni probably has a drug problem. It’s name is Mat.
  • Let’s play a new driving game. Put a marble in your center console, and try to keep it in the middle while you drive. It’s a lot harder than it looks.
  • Oh by the way, did you know you can make an appointment to see the Verizon people? Of course, because it takes them so fucking long to do anything, of course you need an appointment. Really glad they are right behind me every step of the way. Waiting to plow. Oh well, I got a Droid X out of the deal! Super sweet for me.
  • Yea, you might wanna just fast forward this, because we are going to geek out on phones for a few.
  • Let’s talk about some wild hogs. Hmm, these ones aren’t missing their nuts. Because Danni is here.
  • Sure you can have sex with the corpse. Just make sure no one catches you doing it. It’s good to be the head coroner.
  • Really not looking forward to turning 30. You can make it better by giving me money for my birthday. I’m broke as fuck, so I don’t mind asking.
  • Women pretending to be boys to lure in other women… oh fuck it, I’m confused.
  • Next time you ask me to rape you, I will wreck that shit. Just like you told me to. She is a classy lady.
  • “Throw me around a little bit, let’s have some fun.” That should have been the quote of the show. Fuck she is such a delicate flower.
  • The Chilean miners have been rescued. This story is about how god was actually the one who rescued them. Nice.
  • It looks like you got a little HIV in your porn pool there. Ooh that’s no good. Can you imagine that linx list?
  • LEAVE ANDROID ALONE!!!! Stupid carriers. Just LEAVE ANDROID ALONE!!! I’m such a drama queen sometimes.
  • Enraged because your stupid girlfriend took away your PlayStation because you wouldn’t get a fucking job. What a bitch. I love how he was driving HER car to chase after her. Did I mention he’s 42?
  • This is why some people shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. Jesus titty fucking christ. Are you kidding me?
  • Busted having sex with a dog. Fuck that has to suck. Don’t judge.
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