Ep 416: Matispell


“Do you want to play zombie apocalypse with me?”

I’m going on a writing strike until I get a $40 donation. Mostly because I really want to go to this cabin, and mostly because I know there is enough of you out there that listen to this show to make that happen. So that’s it. See you for the Friday show!

  • Until you make the schedules, you just keep doing what your told.
  • We’d like to go hang out in this cabin this weekend, so if you like the show and like us, we need $40 to make that happen. Thanks!
  • Yea, I’ve killed animals before, no big deal. Then we pay people to butcher that shit so we can eat it nicely. I’m sorry, I’m not a butcher.
  • Make sure you check the Jamhole 404 page for pics and soon the live 404 show!
  • Tune in Friday for our UCB interview. This is going to be fun.
  • If you have a cool smart phone, check out the new Jamhole mobile site.
  • If you have the Droid X, there is a way to make the picasa gallery show up. You gotta download the original Droid gallery. Here is the link. You’re welcome.
  • We also have a new Miso account, so if you wanna follow what we’re watching, that’s how to do it.
  • If you are a dude and want birth control without your girl finding out, check out this shit! The internet is trying to make us all sterile.
  • Maybe this virus will bring on the zombie apocalypse. Probably not, but hey, we can dream.
  • Circumcisions are great, but not when your mother tries to do the procedure. Mom, why do you have a weird look on your face. Oh yea, and I’m super glad my dick surgery makes Danni laugh so much.
  • This just goes to show that every other country pretty much hates America. Well duh! This is why you get married in an English speaking country.
  • Why is your daughter dead in your living room and covered in an acidic substance? Oh, just couldn’t cope anymore right?
  • It’s almost Halloween, and you  know what that means. Stranger Danger! Let’s talk about how Halloween was back when we were kids.
  • Kids now a days are going to see way cooler shit than we will. Just like we’re going to see way cooler shit than our grandparents.
  • This is why libraries are awesome. Hey, I’m just trying to bust a nut. That’s all.
  • Email info@thejamhole.com, or leave a message at 406.204.4687. See you Friday!

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