Ep 417: Holy Magoly


“Oh my god, that’s where I used to hang out!”

Thanks to Matt Besser for calling in to talk about his new show on Comedy Central called “This show will get you high.” We had a great time. Click the read more link for links to everything Matt Besser, and some videos from the brand new show. Enjoy!

  • Check out This Show Will Get You High on the UCB website. Check out the Facebook page, and be sure to follow Matt Besser on Twitter. If you want to see the Stung video we were talking about from Method Man and Redman, you can find that here on the UCB YouTube page. Also, check out the Myspace Tom video. It’s good stuff.
  • Bigmouths podcast throws in the towel. Some people just can’t get famous fast enough. News flash bro, it takes more than 2 years, especially when you miss shows here and there. Let’s pour out some liquor and puff some bowls, it’s been fun. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more from them.
  • Don’t bother watching the Vanilla Ice Project, because it was god fucking awful.
  • Let’s talk about the Social Network. Man, I really want to do something great now. What a disappointment. The movie was cool though. Anyone wanna buy a podcast? How old are you and where are you at?
  • Oh yea, we’re trying to get $40 to go stay out at this cabin this weekend, now we’re $30 short. How fucking lame does that sound? So make it sound less lame by tossing us a few bucks. 417 episodes has to be worth something… Right guys?… Right?
  • Happy birthday Mike Boudet. Your podcast is coming along nicely.
  • Guess who’s addicted to android games now? That’s right Danni, this is your intervention.
  • You should reassess your life when you shake your baby to death during a game of Farmville. Please shut the fuck up BABY! Florida dominates the news in murder and mayhem.
  • You know you have a winner when your boyfriend waterboards you. Now that’s love.
  • Michael Lee overdoses on caffeine. The weird thing is, that’s my dad’s name, this isn’t too far off. Weird. And for reals, we need $30 for this cabin trip. Dig deep!
  • Happy Halloween, let’s just skip the silly shit and all dress up like porn stars. What porn star are you? Then whatever happens happens. Get it done! This dude totally got it done. I’m going to go with TRICK.
  • When you are bored, and your a cop, sometimes the frog gets it. That’s just weird that you wanted to fuck it though. Just plain odd.
  • So yea, we’ve done 417 shows, and for the most part we hold it together pretty good considering. If we help you kill time and you enjoy this shit, toss us a few bucks. Strength in numbers, and every little bit helps. Hook it the fuck up. THANKS!
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