Ep 418: Heart Burn


“I can’t open the gate because I’m in heels.”

I hope you all remembered to turn your clocks back. Actually, I really hope you have come far enough in life that you have a clock that knows how to do that on it’s own. If you still have to manually switch clocks back, get new clocks. Sure, it’s says it’s 3 am right now, but I know it’s secret. I know you are really 4 am in disguise, just waiting. Patiently waiting. Go check out the Jamhole 404 page. Be the first kid on your block with the Jamhole 404 Live Show! It’s out!

  • Danni gets the worst heart burn I’ve ever seen. You know she has heart burn when she swigs milk out of the jug.
  • So thanks to Kelly for donating some cash for the cabin trip, shame on the rest of you who did NOT donate. You can make it right if you want. You can see pictures of the cabin trip here. It’s ok, we had a great time.
  • Have you ever had to ration your battery powered devices before?
  • I am the fire starter!
  • Hey honey, can you get out and open the gate? No, I’m wearing heels. I can’t believe she pulled that shit.
  • Danni is hooked on this android bejeweled clone. It’s no angry birds, but I can see how it’s fun.
  • If you hit me in the nuts, I will spit vitamin water all over you.
  • I’m working on the guest list page. If you have ever been on the show, email info@thejamhole.com with the picture you want me to use. Otherwise I will just use your facebook profile page.
  • Does anyone know what episode threesome Adam was on? I can’t find it for the life of me. Fuck that guest list took a long ass time to put together.
  • The forums are ready to rock and roll! Get your self signed up and registered and come participate in the Jamhole community.
  • I apologize. Ok, now can we move on?
  • How destructive are drugs, to you, and to society? This is pretty interesting. Did you know if you do lots of blow, you can drink all your friends under the table? Thanks Danni!
  • That smells like it is going to hurt me, I think I’m just going to eat out tonight. Thanks! You should see your doctor before your body dissolves itself in acid.
  • Danni is feeding a stray cat, does anyone want a cat? You can mail animals right? Then what are those boxes for? Stray cats are homeless bum food.
  • If you egg my car, I will shoot you. Even if you didn’t egg my car, I will still shoot you. Pop eggs, not caps. Now let’s talk about how nasty bologna is.
  • Mcdonalds must pay a little cash because an employee gained 65 pounds over 12 years. It’s not my fault, they made me eat it!
  • Be careful who you rob, it might not be who you think it is. Mr. Bumpus, is that you? That’s a nice pink halter top you have there.
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