Ep 125: Rape Shoes


“I gotta congratulate both of you on kicking those addictions!”

Hello and welcome to episode 125 of The Jamhole. On tonights episode we have both the friday matt and ben. If threes company fours a pain in the ass. Just kidding, of course we had fun. Join us as we talk about all the great shit mat has been working on for the site, what it means to be a friend, return of the downstairs neighbors overweight girlfriend, how are economy is so fucking awesome, salt routes fucking suck, and shit. Then we do some real true life confessions, then we do some news. News stories are limited but not included to: 81 year old murder death kill, scrabble ds is the fucking tits, and did you know if you smoke your aids drug, it will fuck you up? Yea, I didnt either until today. Crazy fucking shit going on today, I’m really glad I’m alive to witness it all go down to funky town. I think we also fooled matt’s girlfriend into finally talking on the show! I’m also sure we read another story, I mean fuck, the show was over two hours long. You enjoy that. It made me jizz in my pants!

Also, we are now doing live shows via live video. The easiest way to remember is to follow us on twitter. The easy address is thejamhole.com/livevideo for the live show and thejamhole.com/twitter. Basically if your looking for the jamhole somewhere, try typing thejamhole.com/myspace or youtube or whatever.

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