Ep 483: Binger


“You look like what Justin Beiber would look like all grown up.”

Hell yea, look at me getting this shit all caught up. I even finished another track for the new hip hop album Ev-G and myself are working on. If you want to hear the free mix tape we put out, it’s on the Jamhole Music page. I’ve heard a few of the drafts he sent back to me, and this shit is SOUNDING HOT! We are very excited for you to hear this. Also, thank you so much to everyone that is sending in some cash from their taxes. We pay for everything show related out of our own pocket, so every little bit you guys send helps tremendously. Plus, if you donate a fair amount for the year, you can go on the list of most helpful Jamholian of 2011. Trust, this is definitely a list you want to be on.

  • Join us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm PST. 10pm EST. on Jamhole TV! You can call the show live at 406.204.4687. If nothing else, just make sure you are subscribed to the podcast feed, and if you have a minute, write us a quick review on Itunes.
  • We are doing a couple of shows this summer, the first one will be Saturday July 23rd 2011 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. This is going to be a large multi podcast meet up / live show with AM I Bugging You, Spork Roast, and The Jamhole. We are also talking to a couple other podcasts, and we’ll post on the event page when we have it solidified. Trust me when I say, this level of internet awesomeness doesn’t happen very often.
  • Then join us back here in the beautiful 406 Kalispell Montana for our third annual Jamhole live audience show. We also have a Facebook page for it. We’re going to party it up at the restaurant for year 3! If you want to watch the free trailers for the first two live shows we did, check out the Jamhole 250 show and the Jamhole 404 show. We also have a house to put up the first  7 or 8 people that are flying in from out of state. Hop on the forums and we’ll figure out living arrangements. Also a huge thanks to Chad for putting up his place for everyone!
  • Happy birthday to Danni tomorrow! If you want to send her a birthday present to brighten her week, send it to the Jamhole PO Box.
  • If you come party for the live show this year in Kalispell, and you come spend the week, this is the rustic cabin we’re going to get. If you are coming and want to participate in this trip, hop on the forums and we’ll get it all figured out. This cabin trip is going to be more intimate setting (if you know what I mean. See last years Jamhole Hot Springs trip), so we can only take the first 7 or 8 people up to the cabin. Get your plane tickets and then hop on the forums or email info@thejamhole.com and we’ll get it figured out.
  • So, should I did end up doing Tim Minchin’s “Storm” at last Sunday’s Get Poetry open mic. If you want to check out the footage, I am the first person on part 1. All of the Get Poetry open mic videos are at thejamhole.com/poetryvids. If you are local, come down to the Boiler Room every Sunday from around 2 till sometime after 5. It’s good times.
  • Hey Danni, did you change your hair cut because Lyrickal gave you a hard time for looking like Justin Bieber?
  • From now on, if I see you have an Iphone here in Kalispell, I am going to take your phone from you, and I am going to destroy it. Eventually, I will destroy every Iphone on Verizon here, and then, MAYBE THEN, I will have my 3g speeds back. Or you could just FIX YOUR FUCKING SHIT VERIZON! You’re choice. If you give me shit service, I am going to pay you shit money.
  • It started out as a nice quiet ride to the pharmacy to get some oxy’s. It ended with this lady and her dog getting tossed out the car. WINNER WINNER!
  • We’re apparently still in a recession, because we have this awesome study that says the number of babies hospitalized for purposeful head trauma is going UP! Who loves shaken babies? Who loves shaking babies?
  • I found some interesting clips from the show Intervention: Pregnant and Addicted. Who does this sound like? Check out this picture to put a face to the name.
  • I’ve always wondered how often this happens in real life. A whole horse trailer full of six race horses set on fire because someone flicked a ciggy out the window. Can you imagine what that smells likes? Danni is probably right.
  • If you want to see what’s really going on in Syria and the rest of the unstable middle east, follow Andy Carvin on Twitter. This is some crazy real life shit.
  • Everyone has herpes, nice work guys! I mean girls. Never mind… How can anyone ever have sex with anyone else knowing that everyone is such a festering honey pot of disease and burning pee.
  • A man who got a virus out in Senegal from a mosquito, then gave it to his wife… SEXUALLY. That’s what happens when you mess around with mosquitoes in shitholes like Senegal. Hey honey, why does your ejaculate look red brown?
  • Is nothing sacred? Even the Playboy mansion hot tub had a little “outbreak” of some Legionnaires’ disease. That is no good. If the super bug ends up being real, it’s going to come from some bacteria that had some sex with some other bacteria and virus in the Playboy mansion hot tub. They are brewing up a MESS of PAIN for the human population. I’m glad I live in Montana.
  • It’s been a slice, you can leave us a message for the next show at 406.204.4687 or email info@thejamhole.com. Peace out!

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