Ep 484: Happy Four Twenty


“What’s the going rate for just completely destroying some property?”

Happy 4 2 0 indeed, and in celebration of, and since it was also Danni’s birthday yesterday (4 1 9) she wrote a little something about the 40 Days for Life retards who think they are making a difference by protesting in front of a doctor’s office. Not very nice, especially since you are quite old, you never know when you might need a doctor. So, without further impairment to you reading forward, I present to you, Danni’s thoughts on abortion.

Some of you may already know, but every year here in our valley there is this thing called “40 Days For Life.” It happens all over the country. What this “40 Days For Life” is about is “pro-life” shit. They go out and camp out in front of doctor’s offices that offer the services of abortion. They are there all day and all night for 40 days. There is never a moment within those 40 days that there is not some one in front of these clinics.

This year I happen to be a patient of a doctor that offers this service. My doctor’s practice is a private practice, therefore it does not get funding from anywhere but it’s clients. As of this last year, the city has cut the funding for the county clinics abortion services. The doctor’s office I go to is the last one in this valley that does abortions.

My doctor is very good at what she does, she listens to her patients and actually cares about their concerns and well being. She is a REAL doctor, she just offers the service of abortion too. It is not her fault that people get abortions. When some one comes to her for that service, she doesn’t just do it with no questions asked, she talks to them to find out their situation and makes sure this is the route they want to go. She even offers counseling for after the abortion. The protesters view her as some kind of mass murderer when in fact she is a very educated and caring doctor.

Abortion is not any persons choice but the woman that happens to be pregnant. If she is not ready for that responsibility that is her choice. If no one offered abortions, there would be way more problems than just overpopulation. Woman would be intentionally giving themselves miscarriages with narcotic overdoses, shoving coat hangers up their junk, or even trying to get into fights just so they get hit hard enough in their gut to kill the fetus. Think about when your 13 year old daughter gets raped and happens to be pregnant, would you, as the mother of the 13 year old, be ok with the fact that your little girl will be forced to birth her assailant’s offspring, and be reminded of that traumatic  moment for the rest of her life? Or how about a woman in my situation? I can get pregnant, but due to my surgery, I have too much scar tissue to carry a child to full term without ripping my insides and bleeding to death internally. Trying to have children could possibly kill me. I am not cool with dying.

If these “40 Days For Life” people had their way and made abortion illegal, only bad things would happen. I agree that abortion shouldn’t be used as a birth control method, or just because they can, but it should still be an option. Maybe we could do things to help prevent the whole situation, like use birth control, or doctor’s offices could give birth control out for free, maybe these religious people could offer birth control in their churches. They don’t think of these things, they just want abortion stopped. Maybe talk to your kids more and explain why they shouldn’t be sluts in the first place, or be good parents and find out if they are sexually active and take them to get on some kind of birth control.

This is a fight that will never end. There will always be religious nuts that think abortion is the devil’s tool for murder, and there will always be people like my doctor who stands up to them. The religious people can pray as hard as they want, but abortion will never stop, not even if they somehow make it illegal (god forbid, hahahaha). We are human beings, we always find a way to do the things we want to do.

  • Happy four twenty ( 420 ) to all of our pot smoking listeners, and happy birthday Hitler to all of our German SS listeners! Danni asks a great question, where the fuck did this whole “420” thing come from? Well, utilizing the power of the internet, we are going to tell you. If you’d like to read more, check out the wiki.
  • Sorry about all the weed talk, but hey, it’s FOUR TWENTY, and I do love me some CANNABIS! We also do a marijuana related podcast, so if you are into it, check out the Hot Box!
  • If you have a minute, call the voice mail line at 406.204.4687 and give us your best Canadian accent saying you are about to smoke some pot.
  • Also happy birthday to the BP OIL TRAVESTY in the Gulf. Still working on cleaning that up huh? How’s that going for you? How are all those poor dead animals you murdered? How’s that wetland that’s disappearing? Can you put a price tag on destroying the planet we live on? You better find us a new one before you completely fuck this one up.
  • So apparently Danni wasn’t aware of the fact that people don’t generally care about other people’s birthdays. For the most part, people only care about themselves. Surprise right?
  • I apologize. Sitting in a casino is the last thing I wanted to do with Danni on her birthday. I’m really glad we are comfortable enough around you guys to air out our differences on the podcast. Makes life awesome for everyone involved.
  • Yea, the rest of the show is pretty much this. Sorry, and you’re welcome to the people that love this shit. It’s been a while since we had a good solid argument on air. I love you and happy birthday Danni!
  • I got a phone call from Seth of UYD, and he says he’ll talk to Jonathan and see if they can make it out to the Milwaukee live show! Man this is going to be epic, I hope you guys can all make it.
  • You know how I know that we are doing awesome shit? Because podcasting shows no signs of slowing down, and in the great scheme of things, we are in on the ground floor… Kind of.
  • Nicole calls in to offer Danni some birthday cheer. You rock Nicole! If anyone else would like to send Danni something for her birthday, you can send it to the Jamhole PO Box or use the donate page!
  • Check out this groundbreaking study that says surgeons who are hungover make more mistakes during surgery the next day. UMM DUH? Since it’s 420, let’s talk about what jobs you would be ok with the person smoking pot and doing. I bet I could smoke pot and do an operation. No problemo!
  • If anyone has a hookup, we would like the number 1800-NEW-POOP. Let’s talk about where all those old 800 numbers go to die. Apparently this company is buying them all, and routing them to phone sex lines. That’s what we need more of, phone sex lines.
  • If I have to jerk off, then the least you can do is lend a hand… Or a mouth. If you are uncomfortable with the guy jerking off, then you should satisfy the guy so he doesn’t have to jerk off. Simple right?
  • Oh, and here is the story I mentioned real quick about everyone who has an iPhone 4 or later is getting their location data tracked and stored. Not nice Apple.
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