Ep 485: CruciFUCKINGfied


“I wouldn’t mind watching that, I’d watch your ass get nailed to a cross.”

Another Friday, another episode of the Jamhole. There are few things in life you can depend on, but when it’s Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, The Jamhole is one of those things. Well, usually. We’re planning a couple of awesome live show meet-ups this summer, so make sure you are on the forums and the Facebook page. In July we’ll be flying halfway across the country to Milwaukee Wisconsin for a multi podcast meet up live show, then in August we’ll be having our third annual Jamhole live audience show! We’re gonna party the whole week, do some white water rafting, some rustic Montana camping, and more! If you have never been to a Jamhole party check out the 250 show and the 404 show. Good times!

  • Happy Good Friday! Let’s learn something. This is what your silly religious day is for. I can’t believe businesses actually close for this shit. Did you have a good Easter? Let’s talk about crucifixion.
  • Apparently Danni did NOT have a very good Friday. It’s ok, they can’t all be awesome right? So tell me what you know about pounding out some Berger.
  • I love that they had a passions party on Good Friday. Poor Danni, balls deep weeded on six tickets. Is someone losing their touch? Of course not, she busts her ass, it would be nice if people would recognize. Mainly the people who sign her checks. And hey lazy fucko, change the fryer once in a while!
  • Is it just me or does the dude from the Filipino crucifixion from episode 14 look just like the dude from the Filipino crucifixion this year? Weird. So let me tell you what’s going to happen. I’m gonna nail you to a cross, but first I’m going to whip the fuck out of you. Now let’s remember what Jesus went through. Let’s also reenact the September 11th tragedy so we can never forget that while we’re at it. Filipenis HAHAhaha. I crack myself up sometimes.
  • Let’s give a huge Jamhole welcome to the bell! It’s been a while, but let’s bring it back!
  • Does anyone watch where the fuck they are going when they drive? There is a reason we have a huge see through window in the front of our vehicle. It blows my mind people don’t run the fuck into each other all day long. STOP TRYING TO HIT ME WHEN I’M DRIVING! I hate you.
  • I have a weird empathy towards inanimate objects, plants and animals. I have no idea why.
  • Check out this awesome carnivorous plant one of our listeners got Danni for her birthday. It’s called a Nepenthes. The cat knows that in the tropics these things eat small animals, so she is trying to kill it before it eats her.
  • What is it about Angry Birds that is so addictive? I think it’s all about the gold stars. We have been raised on gold stars, so of course we love any silly game we can win them playing. I NEED THEM! It’s also nuts that those guys have a movie. As of writing this, RIO has 7.5 on the IMDB. All from this little game.
  • Pot smokers aren’t the only one’s celebrating 4/20. The police are making crazy pot busts in Missouri. We’re celebrating with you guys! Isn’t this fun? If you live in or near Wichita and you grow, be careful.
  • Florida, our most fucked up state, making moves to keep it’s title intact. A 15 year old was hit in the head and shot because of a weird Facebook love triangle that went horribly wrong.
  • Jesus Mat, and you wonder why that thing isn’t in my mouth all the time. It’s been a while since we had a good fight, huge thanks to the chat for getting that started off right.
  • We still don’t have jobs, but we have 6,000 super hero capes to give out. Put this thing on, and go do something super for once. How do you vanquish unemployment? Shutting down the medical marijuana industry here in  Montana won’t be a good start. But on the other hand, we have all these awesome capes.
  • Wait, so it’s NOT an alien? Heh, go figure. Pretty clever, look at all the play you got online! You should have a job at Lucas Arts for this.
  • If you are a science geek like me, go check out the Are We Alone podcast. It’s super!
  • One last story, hey you know that case I’ve been trying to solve? It’s right there tattoo’d on that cholo’s chest! Holy fuck me running! Sometimes it’s just that easy.
  • So we have a place for you to stay if you are coming from out of state to the third annual Jamhole live show. Check out the Forums and the Facebook event! Trust, the Flathead Valley in August is NICE.
  • You also probably know that I am working on this new album, and it’s going to cost some money to get finished, so if you want to help that cause out, hit up the donate page. If you want a free album myself and Lyrickal made, it’s on the Jamhole music page, and it’s FREE! Pass it around. If you were here for the live show, you got to hear a track from this new shit. Sometimes we’re cool like that.

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