Ep 487: Dominance


“That plant IS the Andromeda strain.”

So Osama Bin Laden is dead. And life continues. Well, not for him or all the people they say he was responsible for killing. But for me writing this and you reading this, life goes on. Hopefully now we can get rid of the majority of the TSA, and be able to bring shampoo on airplanes.

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  • Welcome back Danni, in your absence, one or two listeners may have come out of the closet. I need your superb cooking skills to help me survive.
  • Roberta Plant eats bugs, and water. I was a bad ass and fed this crazy mean looking yellow jacket to the plant. Do you remember the Armatron? Apparently a ton of people on Google image search do.
  • Feast or famine? That’s a discussion for a different episode. Preferably an episode that Danni isn’t on.
  • Just because I leave something on the soda machine, doesn’t mean you can just take it. I can’t believe our neighbor stole Roberta Plant and put her in his bedroom. You contributed to the death of this cool plant. You and the cat.
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  • Danni has been white trashing it up at a very early age.
  • Let’s talk about the good old days. Back to our rusted roots. Is that even legal anymore? I’m sure your 35 year old parents are super excited to be grandparents. This is why the Flathead Valley has the highest pregnancy rate in WORLD. Just kidding, probably not the world. I still don’t get how breaking your ankle gets you pregnant.
  • What’s worse? Not getting blow jobs or knocking up a hot chick? Simple duh.
  • Hey, you’re being a dick. Do you remember when I pushed you in the lake because you were being a dick? Danni tells us some of her friends war stories.
  • We have a Think Geek wish list, you should all go get us that pin hole camera. Can you imagine the things we would do with that shit?
  • Hey 71 year old, what are you doing in the cemetery? And why the fuck are your pants down? Oh look, is that the girls high school track team?
  • This is what happens when you advertise a party with naked hot chicks, and the naked hot chicks don’t end up showing. Those girls didn’t go very wild. Also, Berger chimes in to say he hopes Robby has a huge cock.
  • Hey Pakistan, way to keep it progressive. You are very in touch with the transsexuals you rule over. Muhammad would be proud.
  • Arnold is rumored to be returning to the Terminator franchise. I can’t wait to see this mess. What more can you do? It’s been done. I’m sure he’s still got it. I mean fuck, you ran California for how long? Honestly, you should probably just go retire.
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