Ep 488: Elaborate Scheme


“You just made my vagina twitch.”

Show notes I wrote. I really should find someone else to do this so I can focus on making this hip hop album I’m working on as lyrically amazing and awesome as it possibly can be. But unfortunately with a little OCD / ADD  comes a weird yearning for perfection, and for things to be done just so, and I would probably have to spend more time proofreading and editing someone’s shit than it would have taken me in the first place to just write the damn thing myself. So here I am, writing the damn thing.

  • Wait a sec, you’re going to Milwaukee? Fuck yea we are! July 21st – 25th Danni and myself will be there for a huge multi podcast party live show. Join the forums and check out the Events / Meetups section. The actual show is Saturday July 23rd at the University of Milwaukee. Redfox from Spork Roast is putting it on, with support from Am I Bugging You, and of course, The Jamhole. We’re going to figure out what everyone’s fascination with PBR is.
  • Then in August, we’ll be having our third annual Jamhole party live show here in Kalispell Montana. It’s going to be summer time, which means white water rafting, rustic camping, and other fun outdoor Big Sky activities. Check out the Facebook Event, and the Jamhole Forums. We have a couple of houses donated by some local friends for the out of state people to stay. Look at all the money you’ll save!
  • We’re seriously broke as fuck right now. Like can’t even afford our dirty ciggy smoking habits. Do you have a spare 5 bucks? Fuck this kind of feels like pan handling. But NO, look at all this awesome content we create for you! Pictures, videos, music and words.
  • Today is the day the Medical Marijuana industry got shot in the gut. July 1st, is the day it will die. Thanks Montana legislature for doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the people wanted you to do. You are all fucking fired! Let’s all welcome the Black Market back with open, track marked arms. If you want more information on what is going on with cannabis, check out The Hot Box!
  • Apparently back in the day on episode 101 of the Jamhole, I said, “I love weed, but I’m not going to make a whole podcast about it.” How weird is that? Speaking of the Hot Box. Thanks to Bad Mannerz for sending that clip in. If you guys ever listen back to the old episodes, and you are bored, you can write down some notes for them I can add to the over all wealth of show notes. I think episodes 1 – 100 need new notes written. So yea, feel free to get on that.
  • Who got put in their place on Wednesday evening? Thank you South Park for still being so fucking awesome. Speaking of TV, if you want an invite to ILT, email info@thejamhole.com and we’ll have a free lottery.
  • Shitty sad news coming out of lack of funding land, SETI needs some monetary help to keep the Allen Radio Telescope Array up and running. It’s not even that much, like 1.5 million a year. Which dwarfs in comparison to the other things we spend money on. If you are a science geek, check out the Are We Alone podcast. It’s AMAZING!
  • Redfox calls in to mock the TSA. Check out his podcast over at Spork Roast. He is also apparently still learning how to converse over the phone. Let’s attempt to talk politics. Oh yea, and if you buy Airborne, you are a tool.
  • Let’s make fun of people that aren’t in the room. This is always one of my most favorite segments.
  • Now this is how to be a good tyrannical dictator. Rape as a weapon? Hmm…
  • Let’s try to learn something about the Mosaic Philosophy. Basically, we kidnap whoever we want, and torture the fuck out of them until they give us the information we want. No, it’s way more complicated than that, and you can read all about it on your own time.
  • How would you like to tour the shit hole we are keeping Bradley Manning in? Would I ever!!! How much shit do you think they cleaned up from normal day to day operations just for the journalists?
  • Along with everything else that is dying today, let’s pour out a little liquor for the typewriter. Some of you may not know what the fuck we are talking about here. Talk about sticky keys, which is something you will all know about.
  • Filed under not what I expected… This is why internet dating isn’t always a good idea. Go outside for fucks sake and meet another individual. We’re all humans. Some of us are just huge crazy liars. Reminds me of the movie Catfish. Guess where they met.
  • Jamhole medical tip of the week: Stones = pissing razors. Thanks Bad Mannerz!
  • Going down like… Best game ever. My Facebook friends were impressive.
  • Oh yea, and this dumb ass damn near blew his self up.
  • Participate with the show on the Forums and the Facebook page. Follow the my twitter, as well as Danni’s twitter!
  • Leave a message at 406.204.4687 or text me at 406.848.1739. Email info@thejamhole.com and toss us some cash.

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