Ep 489: Lavish Safe House


“Who is going to answer to god about that pesky thou shalt not kill commandment?”

With vote after vote on disgusting bill after disgusting bill, the Montana legislature has managed to introduce completely unconstitutional legislation, and destroy the medical marijuana industry in Montana. Which I might add, was the only thing really making any kind of money here. Jobs are scarce, and chances are if you’re like us, you’re living paycheck to paycheck. That’s fun. It blows my mind how our parents and their parents were able to save any kind of money. I guess that’s why they’re called the good old days. So basically instead of doing what needed to be done, and improve the local economy and create jobs, they sorta did the exact opposite. I’m amazed we haven’t all blown ourselves into oblivion. I guess for those who can reach, it’s not that bad of a place to be. I hear you have to be super flexible though. The sad thing is, the governor actually still has a day or two left to veto the bill, but he’s said that isn’t going to happen. I don’t understand whatsoever.

We’ve had medical marijuana in this state since 2004, and in the last seven years, contrary to what some of our representatives would like you to think, we haven’t had any death, murder or mayhem, we haven’t had riots or hurricane Katrina like devastation. Shit, we haven’t even had anywhere near the death toll in the last seven years that alcohol, prescription drugs, guns, and tobacco (all legal) have had. So riddle me this, why was it our legislatures number one priority to make the medical marijuana industry here in Montana vanish? Puzzling isn’t it? Perhaps someone should ask Mike Milburn or James Knox or Jeff Essman or even our very own governor Mark Schweitzer, who was supposed to stick up for WE THE PEOPLE. Remember us? I hope there is a good turn out in Whitefish Montana on Thursday for the silent vigil AGAINST SB-423 when the Governor Schweitzer rolls through town. Make sure you pay extra close attention to all of the people out of work and all of the closed signs on what used to be our businesses. Also, I thought the war on drugs was supposed to get rid of the African American Market aka the black market? All this prohibitionist attitude does is feed the underground market. Kind of doing again, the exact opposite of what you should be doing. Weird. It’s like a creepy twisted episode of Red Dwarf. You know, the one where everyone is doing everything backwards. Are you curious how much money has been completely wasted on the war on drugs? Check out the Drug War Clock over at DrugSense.org. I’m sorry to cloud up the Jamhole with Hot Box related items, but I needed to get some show notes done, and sense we aren’t on a regular schedule for the time being on the Hot Box, I figured this needed to be addressed NOW. Keep up the good fight, and remember, they can’t arrest ALL of us.

  • I really apologize for the audio quality, as you’ve read on the notes comments and in the forums, a power cable somehow got crossed up with an audio cable, and every time the desk shook, it made that shitty noise. I also can blame it on Robby, but that wouldn’t be very nice. The noise stops around ten minutes in, and I don’t believe it comes back until the end. And yea, let’s welcome Robby back to the Jamhole. He’s going to try his best to be on at least once a week for your listening pleasure.
  • EDIT – So I ripped the audio out of the live version. Apparently the shitty sound was only being recorded, not actually broadcast out through the live show. Which is cool, so here is the episode with audio from the live show.
  • Huge news, DING DONG the witch is DEAD! United States Navy Seals and the CIA took down Osama Bin Laden in a raid style smash and grab on his lavish mansion in Pakistan.
  • Let’s take a look at the Bin Laden spending spree. How much money was spent trying to bring this one human to justice? SO MUCH. This isn’t even real money anymore, it’s just 1’s and 0’s. So where were you when the towers fell? The same place I was when you busted a cap in Osama Bin Laden.
  • What did the celebs on Twitter have to say about killing the most wanted terrorist in the world? Let’s find out.
  • My one question? Who answers to god about the whole pesky “Thou shalt not kill” commandment? Is that the whole CIA or just the president? Just curious, god seemed pretty serious about that one.
  • Hey, while you’re raiding the Osama mansion, can you find something worth 1.5 million dollars so we can keep the Allen Telescope Array online? If you can help, go to Seti.org and toss them some cash. Then, if you have any cash left over, send it to us!
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  • Remember back in 2005 when the south got WRECKED by Hurricane Katrina? Well, apparently there are still some 350 families living in those quaint little FEMA trailers. FEMA is pissed and if you still live in one of these boxes on wheels, they are going to start charging you rent. Well, not rent, it’s more of a fine. But rent sounds like you are taking care of business.
  • What do you know about the PlayStation Network? Besides the fact that it got FUCKING PWND! TWICE!! Hey Sony, maybe you should spend more resources on security and less on making your GUI all shiny. That’s a LOT of credit card and log in information you got jacked for.
  • I’m currently playing Stupid Zombies on Feint. If you want to play, friend me on Facebook or look me up on Feint, username thejamhole.
  • Was this lady really trying to have her man killed? Or do you think she really was just trying to get a reality TV deal? Is it weird that we even have to second guess something like this? Yea it is, but we have to, because you never know. People are strange, when you’re a stranger.
  • My poor baby has a tooth ache, do we have a dentist in the house? Fuck we are broke. Can you help?
  • A repulsive lunch room prank. Semen + Ranch dressing + School cafeteria = jokes on you… Or IN you. Depending on what you did with the salad dressing. And yes, I’m sorry the noise is back. FUCK that’s annoying.
  • Hot Pockets and cereal makes your semen taste gross… According to Danni. I’ll be sure to eat more candy and Hot Pockets. Just kidding, but if you make an effort to suck this cock more, then of course I’ll try to flavor it with something you enjoy.
  • This is why you should never be a show off. Especially if you suck at flying and have poor depth perception. Now who’s the bad ass? How much is that plane going to cost to fix? Oh wait, you died. Never mind. Give god my regards.
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