Ep 490: Disturbing Yet Awesome


“I’ve never seen this before, but I’m going to click it anyways.”

Yay for the show, which will resume Wednesday evening for episode 492. Here is a little picture that kind of explains why the show was cancelled Monday. I blame the mud. It’s OK, we’ve produced a ton of episodes since 2008 when we started this podcast, and I know I say this every time there isn’t a show, but I know most of you will find something in there you’ve never heard. Go look, and we’ll talk soon!

  • I am very proud of our listeners, and the moral of the story is, we can fuck up every now and again, and no one cares! Fucking a.
  • Time for a stupid bit you’ll probably never hear again on the show I like to call Random Obscure Longtime Listener Reference (or ROLLR) time. Yea, this is how we thank our listeners. We apologize for this. Let me take you back (way back) and let’s revisit the zombie apocalypse map. I need a podcasting gun, to compliment my house gun. What a fucking bad ass. Guns don’t kill people…
  • So does anyone who listens to this “show” participate in the U.S. military in any capacity? I’m just curious if everyone really is on undercover high alert.
  • Did you know we have a wish list? There’s one for Amazon, Think Geek, New Egg, and B&H Photo Video. Feel free to buy us anything that’s on there. Also, you can send us a post card from where you live for our wall of awesome. Send that shit to the Jamhole P.O. Box.
  • My gun safety is on POINT. Regardless of how many times I really would love to shoot myself in the fucking head, I have never shot myself. Which is more than I can say for certain people I know.
  • Will someone please just leave a comment about the audio for episode 489. Thank you. I really feel like it’s the elephant in the room, and it needs to be addressed before I can move my life, and the show, forward.
  • Time to do some news, or whatever the fuck we do now. On the last episode of the Jamhole, we were talking about the Osama murder. People are stupid and this is popular, so if you see a link to a picture of dead Osama Bin Laden just do us all a favor and click on it. If I see you post a link to it on Facebook, we are no longer friends. If more of these people would listen to shows like Security Now, this would never be a problem.
  • So out of all the people who got popped, of course some government leaders will be in that pool. DISTURBING YET AWESOME!!! CLICK HERE IF YOU’RE A MORON!!! YES 4 RLZ!
  • If you want the best Jamhole experience, you should always view our stuff in GOOGLE CHROME. It’s the only thing I test in. Using Internet Explorer is like a dyslexic retard trying to relay you a message in Spanish.
  • So what do you think? Should the picture be released? Or do we not need to spike the football, as Obama put it. Email info@thejamhole.com or leave a comment on this episode post. Or you can join the forums and post in there.
  • Didn’t the U.S. put a bounty on Osama Bin Laden? Well, it’s apparently still up on the F.B.I website as of this story. We should all get a cut. Why the fuck not?
  • Sony, what the fuck happened? You should have listened, and spent more money on security and less on graphic design and making your programs “pretty.” It doesn’t matter what it looks like when it doesn’t fucking work. I figured you would have learned that lesson from your horrendous mini disc player software. Fuck that was awful. You know your software sucks when people would RATHER use real player because it actually put music on the mini discs.
  • Hey, the good Friday party ended a few weeks ago. These guys must have had ONE HELL of a party. They went all the way. Nice work South Korea. Honestly, your form was much better than the Filipino’s was. We salute you for being so authentic.
  • You can help take the work load off of me, and spread it out over all of you! Doesn’t that sound like fun? Anytime you come across a news story you would like us to dissect, send it to info@thejamhole.com or post it in the Jamhole Forums.
  • What has more germs than a toilet seat? Your cell phone, and we all LICK THEM. Weird right?
  • Is there any good particular reason our grocery store has a Facebook? Maybe we can all be friends and plan shopping parties. It’s not “that kind” of relationship.
  • Just another story that cements my opinion that everyone in Australia is pretty fucking nuts. Stop drinking so much Fosters for fucks sake! This is why you shouldn’t post certain things online. I figured that was common sense. Guess not…
  • So what else rhymes with 8? This moment of greatness proudly brought to you by our CHAT! Watch the show live every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 7pm. PST. / 10pm. EST. on Jamhole TV and join in!
  • Biting is one of those awesome animalistic primal things that keeps us connected to our primate ancestors. Some of us can fight the bite, and some can’t. If you want your man to stop flapping his lips, what do you do? Bite those fuckers off! So angry at such a young age.
  • Best solution to the Detroit problem. Bloomberg from out of left field knocks it out of the park with this! Let all the immigrants live in Detroit! Fucking a dude, you got my vote.
  • That’s a show, thanks for joining us, and we’ll talk to you soon! We’re having two parties this summer, one in July in Milwaukee, and one in August here in Kalispell. Check out our 250 show and 404 show to get an idea of what to expect.
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