Ep 499: Mobile Forensics


“All I smell are farts and asshole anyways, so what’s it fucking matter.”

Episode 499, can you believe it? Seems like only yesterday we were breaking episode 50, now episode 500 looms right before our very eyes and ears. Very exciting times we are living in. It blows my mind to think that only twenty to thirty years ago you needed a whole television or radio studio to be able to catapult your voice through the air and around the globe. Now all we need is a couple cameras, a couple microphones, and an internet connection, and KABOOM we are instantly accessible to the world. What magical times we live in. So here we are, fresh out of an amazing feast Danni cooked up at me madre’s house. We had a nice day off, the first day we’ve both had off in quite some time. It was nice. We’re very excited to bring you the 500th episode of the Jamhole this evening. If all goes according to plan, we should have quite the show for you. Bringing back some old favorites, and possibly introducing you to some new favorites. Either way, you know that Jamholia is going to be popping off tonight. Come join us an hour later than we usually broadcast at, 8pm PT. 11pm ET. on Jamhole TV. If you can’t make the live show, at least leave a message at 406.204.4687, or SMS me at 406.848.1739. You can also post in the forums thread, or send a message the old fashioned way and email info@thejamhole.com. See you this evening for episode 500!

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  • Even in the midst of all these troubling, apocalyptic end times we are living in, that we can take a few hours out of each week to listen to us make fun of the world. It’s the little things that make life really worthwhile. Could you imagine your life without the Jamhole? Ad free, listener supported. Keep that in mind. It could be worse…
  • If given the choice, would you rather forfeit the ability to smell, or lose access to social networking websites? Paradox… Think about it. Well, according to this study, smell is out the window. We can’t live without our social networks.
  • The latest creep me out news of the week. Nice job Michigan police for going that extra mile to be even more creepy. If you want to get yourself one, here’s the site. Pretty slick tech. But not to be used on the people during routine traffic stops. You want my phone? Go fuck yourself. At least they have the Michigan ACLU to deal with.
  • I still don’t get why he didn’t turn into a gun. Anyways…. Why would you name yourself after a transformer.
  • Suicide watch 2011. Jamhole style. The first was a rocket scientist who just had enough living. This is our feel good story of the week.
  • The next one comes from San Diego. A husband and wife killing their kids then themselves. Talk about the most unselfish couple ever! I wonder if they asked the 17 year old if she wanted to die or to continue living in. Interesting…
  • Why are people killing themselves? Because this old lady is selling them easy do it yourself suicide kits. Brought to you by Goodbye Cruel World. Here at GCW we believe death is something you face on your terms. That’s why you need our famous Seen on TV suicide kits. For novelty use only of course.
  • China is on point lately. Look at how they demand excellence each and every day. They even figured out a way to make their prisoners as efficient as they can possibly be. The WOW gold miners are no different.
  • If you really want to know what a Bitcoin is, check out their site! Sure, we’ll accept Bitcoins if you have some you want to give us!
  • If you had the domain fuckmefacebook.com what would you do with it? Because this is what we would do. Listen up. Facebook, but for PORN! If you want to have sex with a porn freak, then this is the place to be. Facebook, but naked.
  • Did you hear about the magic penis killing? You actually used the power of the magic penis to have sex with girls you didn’t own. Not nice. But it’s pretty cool that you talk to animals. I believe that before I believe you talked to god. I am sort of uncomfortable with the fact that your wife turned into a snail and terrorized the whole village.
  • Let’s take a look at racism… Scientifically. Check out this awesome study that says white people think they are racism victims. I blame Obama.
  • Great show, it’s been a slice as usual. Make sure to leave us a message for episode 500! Which will be starting an hour later than our usual starting time. 8pm PT. 11pm ET. on Jamhole TV. 406.204.4687 is the number to call. You can also SMS me at 406.848.1739. You can also leave some words for us on the forums post.
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