Ep 126: Lords Prayer


“Shortly after that I lost interest in god.”

Hello and welcome to episode 126 of The Jamhole. On tonights episode we have brayden back with us as we tackle such pressing issues as four way stops, humans comfortability and living space, mail order brides the right way, more work shit and spitting.  Then we do some confessions then we do some news.  News stories are limited but not included to: sexy burkha art, your last stage performance ever, before you go out raping, make sure you got your raping shirt on, and if you write on my wall one more time, I swear to fuck I will stomp your kittens face so hard.  After news we do some blotter head to head style.  Theres miscellaneous lumps of other shit lovingly sprinkled throughout this wonderful two hour plus size episode.  We hope you enjoy.  Go buy a dildo, your wife will thank you… Trust me.

Also, we are now doing live shows via live video. The easiest way to remember is to follow us on twitter. The easy address is thejamhole.com/livevideo for the live show and thejamhole.com/twitter. Basically if your looking for the jamhole somewhere, try typing thejamhole.com/myspace or youtube or whatever.

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