Ep 501: Amazing Content


“I have a mobile device addiction.”

Episode 500 has come and gone, so do we really have to keep counting? It almost seems like it’s lost it’s pizzazz. But neurosis says otherwise, so of course we’ll keep counting. Now it’s a game to see how many episodes we can do before a natural disaster consumes our lives. Or the zombie apocalypse comes. So for now, just read the notes. Generally, if you start playing the episode, start reading at the beginning of the notes when the KABOOM happens. It’s kind of like the Pink Floyd / Wizard of Oz thing. The notes basically follow the episode from start to finish. Sometimes you gain a little extra insight, you always get the links to stories we discuss, and you feel good for exercising your brain that much more.

  • Let’s welcome Robby back for the Wednesday episode. Of course you can join us live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at around 7pm PT. 10pm ET. on Jamhole TV.
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  • Duh, why do you think dead baby jokes are still funny. You can thank the Jamhole for single handedly keeping that dead horse alive. Barely…
  • If you like folf, you should check out a blog by our Twitter friend Marty Gregwah. This is a pretty awesome story that ends with a dick shaped folf disc. Discuss in the forums or go straight to his blog. Folf rocks.
  • Always make sure you log out of your Facebook if you login on a computer that isn’t yours. You might all of the sudden get phone calls from dudes and fat ugly chicks who really want to bone down.
  • It really helps more if you tell friends about the show. Because friends value (hopefully) your opinion. We are inherently biased since it’s our show. But what they don’t know, is that it’s your show also.
  • Did you know you can work at Hooters for a few years and they will pay for you to get brand new TITS! What a fucking deal! This is the best teacher ever. He took his 8th graders out to lunch on a field trip… To HOOTERS!
  • Let’s do a little phone trouble shooting, live on air. Yea, that’s fun radio. Which then somehow turns into a minor disagreement. Let it all out sista! AMEN! 2 out of 3 of my friends agree, I am a dick.
  • So cell phones actually maybe might somehow cause cancer, even though brain cancers have not spiked. Let’s talk about the WHO. Where? What? Oh fuck, just forget it. Perhaps you need a brain to get brain cancer, and most of these people are fucking morons. Here, hold this computer up to your head, and microwave your balls while you’re at it. Do you remember pagers? The first person to donate $50 this month will get a pager. That’s right, I found my old Titan III and I will fucking send it to you.
  • Listen, right here, I gave Robby cancer with my mind. That’s right, my fucking mind. I gave him a Glioma. It’s a rare brain cancer.
  • You have to watch the documentary True Stories Crack House. When we go to Chicago in July, Redfox must take us to this house so we can take pictures. It’s on the list. Make it happen. Basically the cops wire up a crack house then sit back and watch the magic.
  • It’s nice that all of you have managed to not kill yourselves another week. Keep listening, don’t let the Jamhole die with you, and everything is going to be ok. The same cannot be said for this man. He actually did kill himself this week. I bet he didn’t listen to the Jamhole. Weird right?
  • Are you at risk for suicide? I don’t know! Does your life suck? Are you broke and depressed all the time? Do you sleep well? Me either. So 2,000 people a day make it. There is eleven attempts for every one suicide. What a bunch of attention craving pussys.
  • Do you remember polio? Marco…. POLIO!! The cops beat this guys (wetback) ass. Their words not mine. Dude, he wasn’t resisting arrest, he has POLIO! Stupid cops.
  • Would you believe that this large black man is actually all about getting oral sex from other dudes. You would have to laugh at first, like are you serious? Oh ok, well let’s have it then. Dj Mister Cee, come on out of that closet you big black homo. I bet you’re the catcher right? I bet you are.
  • Got some good news on the Get Poetry tip. Starting Tuesday, June 14th the Get Poetry open mic slam is going to be at Fat Boys! It’s going to be awesome, uncensored, and full of alcohol! Oh wait… Just be there, bring your kids, or don’t. Whatever you do, make sure you Get Poetry!
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