Ep 509: For Thrasher


“It’s hard to concentrate with all this ovulation in the air.”

Look at me, all caught up and shit with the show notes. At least until we do another episode of course. Anyways, loads of great shit going on, so check it out and join in the discussion.

  • Welcome to the Wednesday episode. We missed Monday, but we’re back now. Well, I am, and Robby is. But Danni was pretty sick so she was alseep (or dying according to Robby) while we did this damn thing.
  • Remember, we’re doing a 24 hour Jamhole Marathon Friday July 15th – Saturday July 16th. This is to raise some cash for our trip to Milwaukee. That’s right, we’re going to be in Milwaukee Wisconsin doing a multi podcast party live show July 21st – 25th. The actual live show is going to be Saturday, July 23rd at the University of Milwaukee. This is going to be a blast so I suggest you get all up on it. We will bring the noise, halfway across the country, all FOR YOU. So help us out, because we are beyond broke. If you can help us out, check out the Jamhole donate page. You will be greatly appreciated.
  • The summer of Jamhole awesomeness keeps on trucking in August for our third annual Jamhole live show. Come join the Jamhole for an amazing week of summer fun in Kalispell Montana. We’ll be doing some whitewater rafting, some electricity free rustic camping, then on Saturday, August 13th is the actual live audience show. Join us, it’s going to be a fucking blast. If you want to see the first two live shows we’ve done, check out the Jamhole 250 and the Jamhole 404. There’s a trailer for each and awesome picture galleries. Very cool.
  • Let’s pour out a little liquor for Eric Swenson, the man who created Thrasher magazine. He went out in true skater fashion. He went to the Mission cop shop and blew his fucking brains out all over the front steps. FOR THRASHER!
  • I’m not the mailman, so I really don’t appreciate it when your dogs bite me. Especially when they put a hole in my shorts. Fucking bitches. I feel like I was set up. It was a bad case of good dog bad dog.
  • Let’s talk about what happens when you get the speed wobbles bombing down a hill on your long board. It usually ends with OH SHIT.
  • Are you wondering if your son is gay? Or perhaps your brother? All you need to do is put them in front of an ovulating woman. They have some crazy on point gaydar. Speaking of being gay, can everyone please stop having kids for a minute. Just like five years, take a break, then we’ll reassess. If we are running out of people, then we’ll start making more. But if we are still crazy overpopulated, then we need to put the brakes on. Check back every five years.
  • If you come out with tits and a dick, we can fix that. Especially if you live in India. They get all kinds of crazy with the genitoplasty. Nuts and tits? If your other penis is a vagina, they can fix you up proper. They are working on keeping it professional, and only when necessary. That’s probably for the better.
  • Would you take $925,000 to blow up your eyeball? You actually injected the anesthetic right into the eyeball, then pushed it in so hard it went POP! Gross, fucking gross. Have you seen this man’s iris?
  • What is the one thing that would have to happen to your body to make you kill yourself? What one of your senses would you have to lose in order to call it quits? Email info@thejamhole.com with your answer.
  • This is how NOT to teach your kid a lesson, unless of course that lesson is how to be the worst parent in the world. Then sure, toss em into the oven.
  • Americans are getting more fat. DUH? It’s because they are eating more, and more often. I blame Taco Bell and their fourth meal. Please keep encouraging this kind of behavior.
  • If you never want to enjoy eating pork again, please watch this video of some pretty nasty treatment of pigs. You’re lucky pigs aren’t as cute as chickens or cows. Or anything else we eat. Let’s be honest, there are way too many mouths to feed. There is no way to be nice to animals AND keep all you fat fucks fed.
  • If your business model didn’t depend on people doing bad things, you wouldn’t have this jail problem. I’m amazed things have gone on this way for as long as they have. I am appalled at our government on a daily basis.
  • If you are breastfeeding, it’s probably a good idea to lay off the morphine, because yes, it will kill your baby. Unless of course, your baby is a bad ass. Then it’ll just come out a junky.
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