Ep 513: Fantastic Lies


“This child is weighing me down.”

Another fun filled episode of the Jamhole. What more could you ask for? I mean we are but one of a hundred million different podcasts you could be listening to. Hell I’m listening to a few of them here and there. I’ve mainly got it narrowed down to shows that either make me laugh ( UYD, Distorted View, Am I Bugging You ) or provoke a scientific interest in one discipline or another ( RadioLab, The Skeptics Guide, Astronomycast, Security Now ). There are so many fucking shows out there, we are just happy to be among a few you check out on a weekly basis. I mean, you don’t have to listen to every episode to be a fan. We usually put out three per week, but you can probably catch at least one or two of them to keep up with what we, and in turn the show is doing. We’re having a marathon show to raise money for the trip to Milwaukee in a couple weeks. We’re doing a live show in Milwaukee with a couple of other friends. It’s going to be a great time, so if you live on that side of the U.S. I suggest you swing by. All the info is on the Jamhole forums. Then we’re having our third annual Jamhole live show right here in the beautiful Flathead Valley. Lots of fun summer stuff planned, so make sure you’re here August 8th – 13th. All the info can be found on the Facebook Page, and the Jamhole forums. And now, for the notes…

– Let’s welcome Robby back for the Friday night show. We are getting quite the late start, but we’ll blame Danni for that. You know that thing you’re always playing those stupid games on? Yea! It has a clock too! Anyways, join us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday usually around 7pm PT. 10pm ET. on Jamhole TV. Your best bet is to follow us on Twitter, watch the Jamhole Facebook page, or better yet, sign up on justin.tv/thejamhole and it will email you as soon as the feed goes live.

– So the MTCIA battle of the bands went down, and no, I was not able to make it. My full apologies, but sometimes you just have to lay down and sleep, if you know what I mean. Actually, I was quite the sick puppy, but I’m reborn, and feeling much better. Thank you to all for your condolences and flower baskets. They were greatly appreciated.

– For the first time, Danni is actually interested in something. I blame her friends from the South. Just kidding friends. But have you been watching the Casey Anthony case? Yea, me either. But apparently everyone else has. Check it out, even the internet has chosen to keep the case alive, even though the court system deemed there not enough evidence to damn her to hell. Did you hear that? Someone just compared this to the O.J. trial. There was even fights breaking out because of this. God bless the south right? Bottom line, if you have a kid, you are responsible for that kid. Can we live by that? It’s called responsibility…

This is the story of Lenny Love. He raped an infant. Now you both have aids. That is the story of Lenny Love. I can’t wait to see what they do with this trial. Robby takes us through the logistics of why this isn’t really possible. Can we blame this on the marijuana too?

Blowing heroin smoke in the face of adversity. Well actually, it’s my cat, her name is adversity. Yea, I said heroin. Just kidding, the cat’s name is muffin. Pour out a little liquor, because muffin is dead. How is your schedule one heroin? I blow pot smoke in the cat’s face, and she never dies. What’s up with that?

Hit in the head with a basket of pocket knives. Open or closed? They never report the important details. New Jersey sure knows how to do it though, I’ll tell you that much. Sometimes people just aren’t meant to be together.

– The space shuttle took it’s last flight on July 8th, 2011. Some were sad, some were happy looking towards the future of what a possible commercial space flight industry could do for human kind. Probably put billboards and more space junk all over space. It would be just like the beginning of Baseketball, but with space instead of sports. Either way, the space shuttle had a great run. It’s done a lot more than I have in the 30 years we’ve both been alive for.

– From one sleep deprived human being to another, I don’t remember at all what we’re talking about. Anyways, do you remember cash for gold? Robby does a reenactment of a found bit of gold on Stumbleupon. We love Robby. Word is he’ll be on the Monday show as well!

– Are you ready for the creepy crawly gross shout out of the week? Worms that cause itchy lumps and eat your tissue. They are very hard to diagnose, but if you feel movement under your skin, it’s probably too late. Our planet really is an amazing place, and I’m blown away in that even as much as humans have lost their on point game since back in the day, we really must have been bad motha fuckas fighting all the different crazy beast this planet threw at us. I’m kind of ashamed at what we’ve evolved into. I mean on the one hand, some things we do are really amazing and bad ass, but then on the other hand, we do some pretty appalling, disgustingly heinous shit. It’s a give and take.

– This is why you don’t cry wolf, or worm, or swine flu. Or bomb while in an airport. And high five for Danni for sharing her thoughts on that first news story this evening. Now we’re going to critique the fuck out of you like a cheap whore on American Idol. That was fun.

– So remember, this next weekend, Friday July 15th and 16th is the Jamhole 24 hour marathon, which is to raise money for our trip to Milwaukee which is July 21st – 25th. The live show in Milwaukee is at the university Saturday, July 23rd. The party week for the Jamhole third annual kicks off Monday, August 8th – 13th. All the dates are on the Jamhole Facebook page, and the Jamhole forums in the events / meetups section. If you are coming on the whitewater rafting and rustic cabin camping trip, RSVP on the events page.

BYTE launches Monday, July 11th 2011! Check that shit out. Not sure if by the time you read this my stuff is up, but check back throughout the week, as they will be updating the site daily.

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