Ep 128: Group Hug


“Why don’t you act like less of a douche?”

Hello and welcome to episode 128 of made in Montana locally owned and operated Jamhole comedy podcast.  In tonight’s episode we have Brayden back, as well as a special guest female… Who only stays for the first 15 minutes of the show.  P.S. If your reading this, or you listened to the show, I was merely venting, so don’t be butt hurt, and I hope you enjoy the Jamhole t-shirts. Perhaps next time you are around and have time to stay for a whole show, you can come kick it.  Anyways, in tonights episode, we talk about our special guest female, and then we discuss the movie “The Day Earth Stood Still.” After that we get into how serious we are about podcasting, and Mat’s potential office christmas party +1.  Then we do a quaint sexy little re enactment sent in to us by 26.  I’m not gonna get into the details, but the party’s involved are male aged 53 and female aged 12… Of course!…  After that we get into the beautiful blood filled boner giving magic that is anonymous internet confessions.  That’s right folks, one entire 2 hours plus episode dedicated to everyone who’s life totally sucks little dicks and butts.

Oh, and speaking of pod CRAP!!! (thats right, I even gots jokes in the show notes) Hey brian king, you want beef?  My whole crew gots beef.  You want war?  I’ll take you to war mang!  You big fucking pussy bitch, we were fans of your show Brian King, we linked to you and everything, and now all of the sudden you have some bad ass black double ended dildo shoved up your think tank?  What the fuck is up with that shit you whiny little piece of fuck?  Whats wrong Brian King?  Are you sad that a couple of podcasters from montana with no experience at all doing live audio and video streams are releasing higher quality / more quantity podcasts than you are?  It’s ok Brian Queen, I understand.  I mean fuck Brianna, I’m baffled that you can find the time to do the show once a week with all that cock sucking you do… You should open up a little sperm bank, at least that way you might get paid a little for all that cock deep throating you do.  I mean seriously, you suck cock at podcasting, and we both know you aren’t making shit doing that.  As a matter of fact, I’m willing to bet you are much better at swallowing sperm then you are at podcrapping.  Like I said, if you wanna battle, we can battle, just don’t get all pussy sore when we tear you a new one.  That goes for any other smart mouth bitch nigga out there who thinks they want a piece of The Jamhole.  There’s plenty to go around.  I say just to make things interesting, round 2 should be a rap battle, and round 3 should be a videocast battle.  Unless of course your too busy catching a ride to cocksuckerville.  In which case, we accept your surrender. Now serving whoever the fuck else thinks they want some.

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