Ep 133: Death Race


“You pulled your brains out your ass.”

Hello and welcome to episode 133 of the made in Montana locally owned and operated Jamhole comedy podcast. Thank you all for checking out the Friday night day after Christmas show. On tonight’s show, we have Ryan the salt guy back in the studio with us. Join the jamhole as we delve into such cutting edge issues such as fixing audio hums caused by ground loops, mat’s hate for ryan, the new jamhole sms notifier, ryan’s respect for mat and the jamhole, and then of course the new girl mat has been seeing kind of. It goes back and forth as all things tend to do. So after this and that we do some confessions, then we do some news, then we do some clues. News stories included are: Knife in the back for christmas, revenge on your ex… Santa style, Tel Aviv sex orgies, and getting your dick bit.

The new live show call in number is 406-204-4687 so put that in your phones for the next live show.  You can also call that number and leave a voice message for us to play on the next show.  How fucking cool is that?  Its really fucking cool.

Also congratulations to Mat 3’s bad Vengeance, with the jamhole’s help, they made it to the final round of the Project Independant contest. Of course, as in all internet type voting contests, the next round allows you to vote every 24 hours. So if you guys like the show, do us a favor, it only takes a minute. Go to Project Independant and vote for Vengeance in the 2009 featured artist contest. Once you vote, check your email and click to verify, just like how you would vote for the jamhole on podcast alley.

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