Ep 516.5: Robby Wake Up


“The only way we are going to make money out of this is if we get tits, ASAP.”

Here is the last hour of “worthy” material from our twenty four hour live stream. This was a good time, because we focused on, (or tried to) the world of tech. Middle America doesn’t know social engineering from a malware exploit from a hole in it’s ass. So when they see stuff like this on the mainstream news, and the mainstream news gets it completely wrong, that makes good people look bad. Anyways, welcome to the final couple hours. I present to you, a Jamhole tech show.

– Is it possible to have a botnet so big it’sĀ invincible? Yea, probably.

– Let’s welcome my brother Marc, and Chris Neal to the show. Let’s talk credentials, then let’s talk RSS.

– What kind of business models can you see with podcasting? Selling old episodes? A separate feed for paid members? Sure, why not. Anything is better than ads.

– Yea, that’s the transform sound. I think we made her uncomfortable. You live listeners know what I’m talking about.

– Hey, Redfox calls in to talk about capitalism for a minute. This is a good conversation, and I think it needs to happen more, at higher, more serious levels. If this system fails, why are we using it?

– Holy fucking christ, guess who’s back? ROBBY finally joins us! I apologize for the sound quality, we really should test out the new mixer hookup before we go live.

– What do you think of Google+? Is it all about the circles? Or is a reset nice every now and then? It’s called entropy.

– Some of these security companies should really encrypt their shit better.

– We figure out what the best app would be. You make life social. DUH! That’s how you capitalize on this shit. I can’t believe I didn’t think about it before that.

– Can we build this, right now? Yes we can. Light up that dark fiber. But, just for us.

– So that was fun, and thanks to the few people who did scrape together some cash to donate. If you want to buy a dick shirt, you can get one right here!

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