Ep 526: The Goodbye Effect


“Why are we still using tapes that need head cleaner?”

Look at that, only had to skip two shows to get my notes all caught up. I think that’s what I’m gonna start doing from now on for a while… Whenever I get real behind on notes, we’ll just skip a couple episodes until I can get myself motivated enough to get all caught up again. It’s Monday the next week at the time of my typing this, and I’m itching to do a show. I get like that after a minute. So smoke em if you got em and listen to this shit. Then listen to that shit. If you want a new episode, then just be patient. We’ll get around to it.

– The first show it’s just Danni and myself back in the saddle again. Everyone has gone the fuck home, the live show is over, and it’s all said and done. For the most part, I would say two thumbs up! Good times had by most, if not all. The show must go on.

– Give us a call during the live shows at 406.204.4687, or 1800-Eat-Shit. One of these numbers works, one of them does not. Well it might, I’m not really sure.

– Check out the first two live audience shows on the 250 page and the 404 page. This next one might be free, we’ll see how it goes. The first two you should probably pay for, mostly because this show is supported by us, and you.

– I’ll take the blame for the MiniDv corrupting all our footage to shit. I should have read the manual.

– Very professional, listen as we eat and try to hold a conversation. We pulled this whole week off on little to no money at all. A huge thanks goes out to everyone that came to town to party with us. Without you it would have been a lot of this… And by this, I mean awkwardly staring at each other.

– If I knew I needed my glasses, and I knew that they were very expensive, and I knew that I didn’t have a job and was unable to cover the cost of loss of said glasses, I would probably take better care to know where my phone is at all times.

– By the way, the Aesop Rock show is not the Sunday I was talking about. I hope none of you made the trip. It’s actually this Sunday, August 28th. I read the right date and everything, it just didn’t occur to me that it was next weekend. Yea, I’m an idiot…

– I’m gonna test him, just go up there and fuck my boyfriend and see what he does. What does that sound like to you? Danni was fucked up, but I’m still going to make fun of her for this. You can only dangle the proverbial carrot in front of the ass for so long before the ass fucks you up.

– Danni, you are the best looking, all the time.

– Our relationship is so much more than bullshit. Let’s get one thing straight. You are here for comedic effect. We look like poop because I only call out the crappy stuff. Trust, there is some good stuff, it’s just far interspersed between all this crappy stuff.

– Let’s be honest, this relationship is not a joke. Just so you know. FYI…

– Check this out, when there are other people around, just don’t touch me. Ok, you can touch me a little, but don’t make it weird like you are showing off. Don’t brag.

– We need to make a BJ log app. Like the poop log, but it gives your relationship a rating based on a set of criteria. I’m down with this!

– Don’t tell people shit about me. That’s all.

– Hey Detroit, what’s up with your 15 shootings from 6 to 6? Not a good ratio, not at all. On the other hand, if you want to shoot someone, go to Detroit. They clearly do not give a fuck. Does anyone still live in Detroit?

Because everyone is a snitch about getting beat down by the cops, we need to have the cops rethink their gun situation. Here is a list of six creepy new weapons to hurt, but not kill you.

How do you repulse McDonald’s customers? Duh, by holding a pimple popping marathon. Stop picking your back zits thanks!

– Stop jerking off at school. Especially if you are 56. That’s no good. Especially if you are a music teacher at the school.

– You can help pay for the show and take some of this financial weight off our shoulders by hitting up the donate page, or by going to the support page and getting some shit through us. What have you done for us lately?

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