Ep 529: Betty White


“You both write like three year olds, I’m just gonna say that out loud right now.”

Here we go, time to just write and not give a fuck what it says. Show notes need catching up again. Nice three day weekend, yea, that’s how long ago this was. Do you even remember this episode? I do.

– Welcome to this shit show. Ending your bullshit week with more bullshit.

– I drive for a living and almost die on a daily basis. That’s the level I keep it at each and every day. Hey national guard guy, you know what you did. The stop sign means stop.

– Check out the video of our pet spiders fucking. It’s pretty good shit. I scare the shit out Danni at some point and time in that video.

– Danni gets taken the fuck out by a bug. That’s how it goes sometimes. IN THE FACE! Speaking of bugs, this is why you always shake out your shit. You never know what might have crawled into your clothes or shoes while you were sleeping. Shake your shit out.

– Hurricane Irene is about to wreck some shit. You just destroyed another trailer court. This makes us angry. I should go be a storm chaser. We thank you for not evacuating here. The last thing Montana needs is some storm refugees armed with FEMA trailers and food stamps.

– A Montana dog is now famous for it’s math skills. How fucking wonderful. His name is Bo, and he does math. I mean meth. I mean math.

– Danni leaves the show. For about twenty seconds. It’s ok, because I have a counting dog story.

– If you had to say, who would you guess is America’s most trusted celebrity. There is only one, and it’s not god. Betty fucking White. Who would have thought. I’ll do the show with hands down my pants.

– I cannot fucking stand commercials.

– Who would have guessed, a planet made of crack rocks. Yea, just imagine that for a second. Actually the real story is that scientists have found a planet made mostly of diamonds. Or so they say. It’s mostly carbon, but because of the pressure and density it is orbiting a neutron star. SAM ELLIOT! That’s guys face is trustworthy, so Danni says. But are YOU trustworthy?

– What do you know about bull semen? Well, I know that in Nashville it’s spilled all over the highway. That’s right now give me some search traffic for the words Bull Semen.

– I’ll say bull semen to that.

– No food, no money, you can send smokes to the Jamhole PO box. Thanks! You can also donate cash on the donate page.

– How does that come out of your eye, and what does that have to do with your glasses? If they were so important, you shouldn’t have lost them.

– Hey, have you seen my mothers dead body? Oh, it’s cool, the funeral home lost it. No big deal. If you listen after I sing erection, you can hear Danni start to get hiccups. That’s always fun.

– In Scotland they say they might ave found the round table. Yea ,the one from back in King Arthur’s day. Pretty interesting story. ARTHUR!

– Email info@thejamhole.com or leave us a message at 406.204.4687. We listen to each and every last one.

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