Ep 530: Kid Folk Songs


“We may have gotten her addicted to the internet.”

One down and three to go, which if you are reading this in a week or two, or a few weeks ago, none of that really matters. What matters is that they are getting done, you know, so you can search for stories or show topics and find the episodes it was talked about. For archival purposes, and because if I don’t, my OCD makes me crazy. This just goes to show, that in each episode, no matter how lost it gets through time, there was always things talked about, things you can find if you search hard enough. Now press play and follow along.

– Monday Wednesday or Friday, pick one and watch live on Jamhole TV, and download the rest and be subscribed to the feed. I am very tired in this episode, just got back from a long drive. No money, no nothing. Luck and left. But it was to see an Aesop rock show, and that was all very worthwhile. I have some video I’ll upload when I get some time.

– Danni needs her glasses, or she needs to stop picking the shit out of her eye. Maybe wash your face more or something, I don’t know.

– If I enter a show, I think it’s stupid to demand no re entry. Because not being able to go out and smoke when a shitty band is up playing really sucks. Smoking is the best way to kill time. I really think it made everyone more negative over all.

– Probably one of the worst trips back home I’ve done in a long time.

– We did a neat little experiment to see what a four year old would do given a web browser and full access of the internet. It all goes back to lil Kim’s titty hanging out at the VMA’s. Thanks lil kim!

– Spokane was fun, folfing, jumping in the downriver, and an Aesop Rock show. Not to mention I got to hang out with Beez.

– Listening to Danni on the phone made me realize something about the majority of America.

– Brains found to survive decapitation. This is a pretty interesting study in pinpointing the moment of death. It’s all chemical.

– Speaking of a swift beheading. This poor trucker’s shit got amputated during a routine circumcision. Nothing routine about that.

– Would you rather… I don’t think Danni get’s how this game works. Five years with the cancer dick? Or… what, living with you? hahaha. I rock. How would you know if your dick had cancer?

Tuscan friars are losing their bibles. I know they are losing them, because no one would want to steal your stupid bible. Actually this stupid bible is old and ancient, and worth money.

– Thanks for joining us, it’s been a slice. Email info@thejamhole.com or leave a message at 406.204.4687. Also, Danni is looking for a job, so if anyone could help that out, we would greatly appreciate it.

– So, what does waiting pay? Walka walka. If you wanna pitch in and help Danni pay her half of the bills, you can do that right here. If you need a web server, get one through us. It’s nice and fast.

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