Ep 534.1: Internet Report #OccupyWallstreet


Listen to our coverage of the Occupy Wallstreet protest in New York. We were streaming a live public YouTube hangout while watching the live stream along with over 7,000 other people. Yet there was no news coverage to be seen, until later in the evening when these stories surfaced.

Did you see this picture? Did you see the video the picture came from? Did you see these pictures put to the Sage Francis song Conspiracy to Riot? Thanks DaDornta!

There was also discussion on Google+ about it. Hey Twitter, is everything ok? Are you sure your trending topic engine is working properly? Just checking… So I leave you with this. We are fed up. Fix it, or we will.

Jamez Frondeskias writes on his Google + page…

Democracy is supposed to be the political system by which the country is run by the people for the people. In today’s “democracies”, it is the rich and powerful – whether individuals or corporations – that seem to have the most power. We have lost track by being too self absorbed with our own individual interests and desires, and have gradually given up our “voice” to those that do not have our interests at heart.

We need to reclaim our right or our precious nations will gradually become plutocracies and oligarchies. To be involved doesn’t take much .. just an effort to be interested and take an active role.

Freedom is the right do as one wishes to enjoy life whilst not trampling on someone else’s right. Can we honestly say we have that “freedom”? No, I doubt anyone can for we are constrained by ideologies, individuals who think their “beliefs” are better than yours or mine, by greed which sees one taking advantage of others.

When will we realise that you and I are both equal with the same rights, even if we desire different things in life?

Free Speech. Anyone who today believes they have that right is deluding themselves. The ability to say what one thinks is a right we all should have but we don’t. Free speech does not mean using that right to incite hatred, fear and mayhem. It is the right to voice your views in a civilised and open way, to encourage discussion.

We today are losing that right faster than we think. Newspapers, online sites, etc all “vet” what gets published, and if it doesn’t suit their “views” or “needs”, generally your view will not be published. Many people and organisations are too focused on “if i publish this, will I offend anyone” which in turn restricts our freedom.

Anti religion .. everyone is entitled to have a religious view as long as it doesnt infringe on others’ rights and views. Today’s religions run contrary to freedom, free speech and the individual .. forcing people to be subservient to some “higher” entity that can has no interest in the day to day life of humanity.

In the name of “religion” we have seen millions upon millions killed. This is anti-human anti-life, and drags humanity down to nothing more than an animal.

Today, humanity needs to focus on the most important thing in our existence ……… our mere survival.

Anachronistic nationalism and nations are destroying not only our species but our world as well. We are also on the threshold of moving to other worlds in the next 50 to 100 years. Do we need to take our existing petty issues with us? Do we need to fight wars amongst ourselves both here on Earth as well as on our future colonised planets?

Is humanity nothing more than a virus feeding and killing itself simply to exist till that moment that it dies?

We need to unite our species under one government … democratically elected, answerable to all the people without the control of corporations, the rich and the self interests of destructive religions.

It is our choice. It is our future. Where do you stand?

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