TJH 578: Butthole Applicator


“I’m pretty sure none of this is going to get remembered tomorrow.”

Getting things back on track, a place for everything and everything in a space designed for maximum efficiency in how items are placed. Good page loading times when I’m throwing rhymes in between the space it takes your mind to coat a slice. Synaptic feedback loops, I hope it’s nice. It never is, never priced like a severed kite about to reach the upper atmosphere on the seventh night. So rest, or better yet let’s try and get it right this time around before we fail at life and walk around down town with loud frowns. This is nothing more than unfiltered stream of consciousnesses, unadulterated in a short black skirt ready to flirt and see where the night takes her. Tap read more for some insightful show notes.

Let’s welcome Jeremy Lesniak and Ant Pruitt to the Jamhole! If you don’t know, these guys host Attack of the Androids and Yet Another Tech Show with me.

What’s with these reality tv shows making me want to participate in what they are doing. Deadliest Catch, no problem. Ax Men? Hell yeah.

We wonder what would happen if you actually took a bath in bath salts. The MDVP kind.

What’s up with zombies only eating the dark meat? Is it a race thing? I’m really glad we have the CDC, who has our back.

This should teach us all to be a little more nice to nerds. You never know, 50 years later they might snap, come to your house, and shoot you in the head.

What is the best way to fix a gas leak? Yep, duct tape.

How much would you spend on a shower curtain? If it’s anything less than $6,000, then you are living ghetto. Hey, have you seen my pin cushion?

You want to fight dust storms with poetry? Maybe if the dust storm was a rapper and you were a rapper, then you could battle it. But a haiku all about haboobs? Sure, why not.

Vampires trying their best to stay relevant since the new season of True Blood started. Nice work Bulgaria, I’m sure HBO is very thankful. How do you know they were vampires? Duh, the stakes.

We here at the Jamhole salute this teacher in Texas. If you have a bully, how do you handle it? You get the rest of the class to bully the bully. Hit him harder! HARDER!

Are you a pretentious wine drinker? Doesn’t that go without saying? What do you know about wine from New Jersey? What do you know about wine period? Check out this interesting study about how wine snobs have no idea what they are tasting.

Let’s do a little FML and get the fuck out of here. Thanks for listening guys, make sure to check out Jeremy Lesniak over on Attack of the Androids (AotA) each Tuesday, and Ant over on Yet Another Tech Show (YATS) every Wednesday. Also be sure to check out the Buffer Overflow Show (BOS) every other Thursday. Also keep an eye out for our gay tech sex show The Hard Drive podcast, coming all over your face on Saturday!

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